See The Northern Lights in This Eco Friendly Tree House Hotel in Sweden

Imagine staying in a hotel in the trees; the Treehotel is just that. The Treehotel is a sustainable, eco-friendly hotel that features groundbreaking architectural design in its beautifully isolated surroundings. Treehotel consists of six rooms and a sauna designed by some of Scandinavia’s leading architects. Each hotel room is unique. The hotel can sleep up to 12, with six bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Visitors to the stunning Treehotel may get the chance to see the Northern Lights at Bodtraskan. Some tours can be arranged from the hotel to include including crossing the Arctic Circle to catch a glimpse of Sami culture or to find out about the architecture and the eco ethos of Treehotel. Just a short car ride away is the popular ski resort of Storklint. You might choose to take advantage of the light nights in the summer months and take an evening horse trek, complete with waffles enjoyed around a campfire. One of the restrictions of this canopy-level hotel is that the water supply is very limited. So although all of the rooms in the hotel have toilets and basins, you’ll have to visit a separate ground level block for your shower. If mobility is an issue for you, you have vertigo, your hotel room options will be more limited. If you are looking for a unique vacation escape, the modern eco-hotel is an experience you will never forget, with the rooms built high into the forest canopy.

The Treehotel consists of just six hotel rooms and a sauna. The unique hotel was designed by some of Scandinavia’s leading architects, with each room being unique. One room in the Treehotel looks just like a bird’s nest, while another is completely mirrored to reflect the trees that are around it and blend seamlessly into the surrounding forest. The hotel rooms merge harmoniously with the environment. The Blue Cone room is painted bright red, while one room looks just like a UFO hovering in the trees.

Each hotel room is suspended 13 to 20 feet above the ground. Some of the rooms are accessed by walkways and ramps, while other rooms in the hotel are accessed by retractable ladders. Each hotel pod has a large double bed, a toilet and a living area for hanging out. Some of the rooms have extra bedrooms or bunk beds that are built in and terraces to help maximize the living space. The largest room in the Treehotel is the Dragonfly, which at 560 square feet is suitable for conferences, with shower facilities. Meals at the hotel are served in Britta’s Pensionat which is five minutes from the Treehotel. The food here is traditional, local and organic as much as possible, and you can expect salmon, moose, reindeer, and bear. You can also arrange special a la carte dining at the hotel, or for meals to be served in your tree hotel room if you prefer.

Activities at the Treehotel change depending on the seasons. In the winter you can take a dog sled ride across the frozen landscape, in summer months you might try paddling a kayak down the River Lule. Another activity to enjoy is horseback riding or biking to explore the surrounding forest year-round, or you can try your hand at fishing. The Treehotel is considered the anti-activity holiday, as the beauty there is quiet, and the scenery provides a good place to sit back and relax. For a small extra fee you can use the Tree Sauna, an idyllic spa space that consists of sauna, hot tub and relaxation area.

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