Rustic Peace Tiny Cabin in Waco, Texas

You'll fall in love with this kid-friendly tiny cabin in Waco, Texas. The rustic tiny cabin building is cozy and located in the countryside about 15 minutes north of Waco, Texas. The cozy cabin building can accommodate up to three guests. The rustic tiny cabin rental features one loft bedroom and one full bathroom. In the bedroom, there is an inviting queen-size bed, and the bathroom, has a toilet, hammered copper sink, and shower. Linens and towels in the tiny cabin are also provided. The tiny cabin provides a cozy place to stay after a day of sightseeing or outdoor activities.

The rustic cabin building is the perfect place to relax on the living room sofa while watching television or enjoy the fully-equipped kitchenette with a breakfast bar, mini-fridge, microwave, toaster oven, sink, coffeemaker, and plenty of dishes and cutlery too. Other amenities that you will find at this Waco tiny cabin include Wi-Fi, heating, air conditioning, and an air mattress for additional sleeping space. Outside, the tiny cabin has a lovely front porch with rocking chairs where glampers can relax and enjoy their morning coffee or wind down in the evenings. The tiny cabin building also comes with a barbecue, a fire pit, perfect for an evening cookout, and roasting some Smores while enjoying some stargazing.

You can get some ideas for a tiny cabin of your own at this cute cabin building rental. The rustic style uses plenty of reclaimed wood, white-washed wood, shiplap and more. Using reclaimed wood in a tiny cabin of your own has plenty of benefits, many of them environmental. Some of the environmental benefits of using reclaimed wood include products that are made from reclaimed wood are reusing old wood and preventing the need for further trees to be cut down. Meanwhile, when reclaimed wood is used in a tiny cabin, the reclaimed wood results in far fewer building materials being sent to landfill (which in turn is responsible for polluting the environment).

Woodland animals also benefit when reclaimed wood is used. Many forest creatures rely on trees to both live in and feed on. Some examples are birds who nest in the leaves while insects feed on the bark of trees and squirrels eat the acorns. If you fell too many trees, these creatures could disappear from the parks and woodlands forever. Visually reclaimed wood is wider than newer timber. If you compare old flooring that was built at the turn of the century such as timber in Victorian and Edwardian home designs with modern timber flooring you’ll notice that the timber planks in the new homes are far narrower. That’s because the trees haven’t been allowed to grow and reach their full size, and as a result, the timber planks in newer flooring aren’t as wide as those in the reclaimed flooring.

Another benefit of using reclaimed wood in your cabin building is that age gives reclaimed timber more strength and durability. The reason reclaimed wooden flooring is stronger and will last longer than new timber flooring, is because the older wood is less likely to split. The reason for this is that the older timber has been exposed to hot and cold atmospheres for so long that it’s already done all the expanding and the contracting that it’s ever going to do. In other words, the wood is already dried out and won’t do so any further. It’s stood the test of time.

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