Relaxed Getaway in Thailand

This farmer hut homestay is the perfect vacation rental for your Thailand adventure. The cozy tiny house located in San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand can accommodate up to 3 guests with one bedroom, and 1.5 bathrooms. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire hut to yourself. This is a beautiful and magical vacation stay. The setting for this tiny hut is amazingly tranquil and yet it's close enough to Chiang Mai that you can still go exploring before you return home to your stylish, clean and peaceful setting. During your vacation stay, you can also enjoy the amazing breakfasts and the overall service is fantastic.

The farmer hut vacation stay gets glowing reviews from its guests. The hosts will help you with whatever you need and will go beyond your expectations. The Farmer Hut Home Stay vacation experience is amazing with adorable huts and the land that they sit on being beautiful. Everything at this vacation stay is well put together it’s hard to imagine this isn’t some incredibly expensive experience. The host makes breakfast every morning so that you can sit on your little patio that overlooks the rice field which is especially beautiful in the early morning. You'll find yourself wishing that you had booked this tiny hut homestay longer. From the moment you arrive, you'll be invited for tea and driven around to locations to eat amazing local food. The hosts will take you out on trips to see local attractions such as the natural hot springs, all of this at no extra cost.

You'll love everything about this farmers hut vacation stay, you'll feel relaxed and it's so lovely that you don't have to leave to have a good time. From the lily pond to the charming huts and great hospitality this is a vacation idea you won't soon forget. Inside you'll be surprised at the modern and spacious bedrooms, high ceilings, television and tiny fridge in your room. The spa-like shower gives you views of the outdoors while remaining private. The tiny farmer's huts are all that you would imagine your Thailand accommodations to be, with the huts sitting next to the water, with wooden walkways joining everything together. You'll love the farm-fresh food that is picked that day. There is an excellent outside space that has places to sit and umbrellas to keep you out of the sun. You might even try the hammock for an afternoon nap.

This vacation rental is a lovely home away from home. You'll be comfortable throughout your holiday, and will be sad to leave when your vacation is over. The bungalows and location will make you feel right at home on the little farm, with these brand new bungalows. Inside you'll be amazed at the comfortable bed and stunning bathroom on top of the little fishing pond. This is a nice stop on your Thailand adventure, you'll have a great time in this relaxed area. If you are looking for a place to relax, away from the stress of the cities, this is the place for you. The location is far from everything but you can still find plenty of restaurants around.

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