Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway In California

The Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway is a unique vacation rental located in Topanga Canyon, California, United States is a holiday experience you won't soon forget. The unique vacation rental can accommodate up to 2 guests, with one bedroom, and 1.5 bathrooms. During your stay, you will have the entire house to yourself. The vacation rental is a private tropical guest house in beautiful Topanga Canyon. If you want to see the unique vacation getaway you can look up the Cody Simpson and Ziggy Marley video Love on Youtube video of the property.

This vacation rental is the perfect place to relax with a one-bedroom guesthouse located in the heart of the canyon for nightly and weekly rentals. On the Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway, you'll have the entire property with ponds, waterfalls, and a tropical-themed environment. The guest house vacation rental has one queen-sized bed and can accommodate a maximum of two guests comfortably. The unique vacation getaway also has a kitchenette with a mini-fridge, stovetop, coffee maker, dishes, pots and pans, a washer and dryer on site (the washer/dryer is for only for stays of 5plus days). The vacation rental does not have air conditioning, but has ceiling fans in the bedroom, along with sliding glass and screen doors in each room which allows for ventilation. You'll love the jacuzzi with the rock crystal fireplace and waterfall running.

The Pirates of the Caribbean vacation getaway is for adults only with no children of any age allowed. The reason for this is that the unique property structure, has several stone ponds, stairways, firepit, and more. This vacation rental. If you'd like this vacation rental to be a surf getaway, the owner will lend you one of the surfboards on the property with your security deposit acting as collateral. There are also kayaks and stand-up paddleboards that are available for use but you will need a truck or an SUV to get them down to the beach. The owner will not allow guests to tie the surfboards or paddleboards to a standard car, even with a roof rack so the boards will not be damaged. The owner has been surfing and diving for many years locally and is happy to give you some pointers on locations and more.

As Topanga Canyon is rural, guests should be aware and keep the vacation rental tidy while staying at the guest house by cleaning up any garbage, wiping up any food crumbs and keeping dishes clean and bringing dishes inside as soon as finished if dining outdoors. This helps the owner to prevent raccoons from getting into any dishes that are left outdoors and to control the flies and ants. When untidy guests leave dishes and food lying out, this can cause the occasional ant issue in the kitchen so there is the need to continually stay on top of this. Ants are a seasonal issue in Topanga Canyon, as they only come out for the warmer months. Occasionally there are mosquitoes and other bugs around, but usually only during the warmer months.

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