Perfect Exterior Lighting on The Rustic Sylvia Lake Log House

The Lake Sylvia cabin building built by Land's End Development shows quality craftsmanship throughout. From the exterior finishes and lighting to the stone fireplace, and wood details, this log house is a dream build. The exterior of this stunning lakeside log house build has unique details such as the diagonal logs that frame the upper windows, along with red and green painted trim, stonework, plenty of windows, and exterior lights that showcase every detail. Of course, you can't help but mention the natural location of this log house gem, with pine trees, and forest all around for a relaxing and scenic forest view.

Once inside this Sylvia Lake log house only gets better, with a dining area with beautiful views of the lake and forest, providing a view that you would never want to leave. The wood floors, ceilings, and trim provide plenty of warmth, to make this lakeside log cabin building feel cozy and serene. Lots of wooden built-ins and a stone fireplace that makes for the coziest of living rooms, this wood cabin has it all. The front of the cabin building looks almost identical to the back except for a covered entrance to protect visitors from the elements. The gourmet kitchen has everything you need for entertaining and meal prep, with beautiful wood kitchen cabinets in a similar stain to the ceilings and floors. The Sylvia Lake cabin building even has a matching boathouse with patio on top for fun days at the lake full of activity. The bunkroom is every kid's ultimate retreat, lined in dark stained wood that lends to the cozy overall effect.

This lakeside cabin building retreat is a dream getaway, and sure to be an inspiration for your log house dreams. The quality craftsmanship and details that you see throughout this log house design shows the importance of proper planning and communication between the log house client and the builder. Lands End Development is known for creating beautiful, purposeful, and efficient structures and home designs. These builders take great pride in creating custom log homes and home designs that not only reflect the owners’ personalities, wants, and needs, but that also meet their high standards of functionality too. It is their goal to make sure that their client’s satisfaction is meticulously fulfilled every time.

Matt and Jeff Balmer are fourth-generation builders, who have spent much of their lives around residential construction. Some of their earliest and fondest memories are playing in sand piles at job sites while their parents were meeting with their clients or doing a final clean-up. While in college, the brothers chose to take a different path and founded a small company that manufactured custom rustic furniture and architectural home details. Through that experience of working with their clients, architects, interior designers, and craftsmen, they learned that quality, value, creativity, and service were all factors that play an integral part in any remarkable company. These are the four values that the brothers of Land's End Development have defined their company and who they are today.

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