Paradise Villa With Kitchenette and a Private Pool In Bali

This Balinese vacation rental is the ultimate getaway that is sure to make your Bali experience memorable. The villa is located in Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia. The location of this Bali villa is perfect for direct interaction with Balinese life. The Bali villa is located just outside of Ubud about three kilometers away. This is a great location as it is part of a traditional Balinese compound where the guests get the chance to experience the real Bali. The air there is so fresh when you wake up each morning, making for the perfect Balinese getaway. You get the Bali villa to yourself, which accommodates up to 2 guests, with one bedroom and one bathroom.

The Bali vacation rental has a dryer which is one of the few places in the area that has this feature. The Bali villa is a one-bedroom villa that is located in a Balinese compound. The villa has air conditioning, hot water, a private pool, a sharing pool, a kitchenette, and wifi. At the villa, you will get daily breakfast, cleaning, and afternoon tea which are included. The villa is situated in a Balinese compound. The villa has a dining area and a kitchenette. A private pool and a sharing pool too. Regular breakfast in the villa room is also included. They offer a floating breakfast and lunch service at an additional cost. This Bali villa is a great place to relax and stay away from the crowd.

The center of Ubud is busy, but you can also find beautiful, tranquil spots. One popular place to go in Ubud is the lotus pond at Saraswati temple and the Taksu Spa, where the river gorge is an oasis away from the chaos. You can take some time to wander around and you are sure to be surprised by what you find. You can an automatic motorbike as one of the best ways to explore the countryside that surrounds Ubud. You can also walk or cycle to get around and explore the area. The traffic in Ubud can be on the busy side, so if you are a beginner motorbike rider, you will want to practice on the quieter streets outside of Ubud and ask someone to help show you the basics. Once you have a motorbike, you can head north on Jalan Tirta Tawar, Suweta, or Sri Wedari, or east through the tree tunnel to the Penestanan village.

When staying at the villa you might also take the chance to learn a new skill such as painting, batik, or jewelry making. You might visit the market or take a cooking class, you will find a variety of meals to make with special vegetarian menus too. Another popular thing to do in Ubud is to visit the Monkey Forest, one of Ubud's top attractions. Take a walk through the forest with temples and banyan trees. You can also visit an 11th-century temple that features shrines that are carved into the rock at the bottom of a river valley. The temple is a 30-minute drive from Ubud.

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