Off Grid Cabins On The British Columbia Coast - Sweet Ocean Views!

This cabin building project takes off-grid living to a whole new level with four wood cabins with the same footprint. The cabin buildings have different configurations and locations on the small Gulf Island off the west coast of British Columbia where they are located. These tiny wood cabins are used as private guest cabins that were designed for summer use. The cabin buildings have simple floor plans and are intimately connected with their natural wooded surroundings. The cabin buildings are off-grid, and self-sufficient using low-voltage LED lighting that is powered by solar panels, a wood burning stove that provides heat, and water that is collected from the roof. In the off-season, the off-grid cabin buildings are shut down with an exterior sliding shutter system. The cabin buildings have ample glazing and large openings that help to maximize natural light in these cabin buildings, which allows the interior spaces to extend outdoors into their beautiful natural surroundings.

Solar power is just one of the ways you can power up your off-grid home. To set up your home with solar panels there will be an initial cost which will right from the start save you money on your monthly power bill. The initial cost of installing solar power in your cabin building may take several years to pay for itself, but there is something to be said about not having to rely on the power company to light and power your home. The amount of you save will depend on where you live in and the solar systems you use. The average monthly savings that you might get from solar panels alone can be about $84. Most solar panels have an estimated lifespan of at least 20 years so those savings can add up. You can also cut your monthly energy bill by selling any surplus energy back to your power company through net metering.

Living with solar energy also opens up the locations where you can build your off-grid home. Solar power offers flexible living that might include a location with wide open spaces, beautiful views of nature, and less noise. Imagine living on a property where your neighbors are further away and a place where you can benefit from renewable energy. Producing your own solar power will give you the freedom to live just about wherever you choose. Connecting your remote home to the electrical grid can be a big undertaking, as you have to go through quite a bit of regulatory hoops and the costs of installing a service pole to your home can be expensive.

There is flexibility in setting up solar renewable energy into your off-grid home that helps to provide a simpler alternative solution. Solar power removes your grid dependence entirely. If you don’t need to stay connected to a power grid, you can avoid that long and costly process of getting your land and off-grid home or cabin connected to the main grid, and in the process will realize a what off-grid living is all about.

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