Modern 1.45m Euro Castle Hotel For Sale In Stubenberg, Austria

Imagine yourself in this modern Castle Hotel for sale in Stubenberg, Austria. The castle is priced at €1.45m in an environment that resembles a true dream landscape. The location is romantically hilly and woody, with powerful, rich natural colors. This is a panorama jewel in the middle of the Styrian apple country. The well-known lake, down in the valley from the elevated castle is a tourist magnet. The exact year of construction of the castle is not known but estimated to be around 1268. Today’s castle is already mentioned as an old Meierhof, which was then converted into the larger administrative seat of Stubenberg. It received its current appearance largely around 1581 as a new Renaissance building. This form has remained unchanged until today.

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The traditional sketch by P. Johannes Clobucciarich from 1601-1604 documents the exterior of the castle in outline. And around 1681 the well-known topographer Georg Matthäus Vischer drew this castle and made a copperplate engraving for posterity. The castle is honorable and modern in its architectural design. The current owners acquired the castle in 1980. They renovated, renovated, rebuilt, designed, and modernized it. The venerable walls were revitalized privately, culturally, and commercially. In 2001 a small, fine hotel with 20 beds was implemented. A great place to live and work in the castle of your dreams.

Stubenberg, called Stubenberg am See, is a municipality in the district of Hartberg-Furstenfeld, in Styria, Austria. It is located about 50 kilometers from Graz and 200 kilometers from Vienna. It is located in the valley of Feistritz, on the southeast of the Alps. The municipality extends between 386 to 1282 meters above sea level. Due to its position southeast of the Alps, it is shielded from the prevailing westerly winds that bring weather fronts in from the North Atlantic to northwestern and central Europe.

Stubenberg, Austria is a smaller but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth visiting. You will be surprised by some of the unique things to do and places you can explore at this hidden destination. Close to Vienna and Bratislava, it's a great place to take a break and relax.

The Tierwelt Herberstei Zoo is a very beautiful park, immersed in nature. The animals have huge spaces, although some of them are very difficult to be seen (especially the Puma). Probably the best attractions at the park are the monkeys and the buffalos. Inside the park are several restaurants, coffee shops, and bathrooms, especially in the area closer to the Castle.

Castle Herberstein is one of Austria's most famous castles. During your visit, you can take a look at the small zoo and the gardens, and also take a castle tour. You'll want to check ahead of time to see what times the castle tours start so you can plan your visit. The castle also has a restaurant. The castle is a great place to take children, and you won't want to miss the modern art exhibit in the museum near the Gardens, as it is quite impressive.

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