Make Your Own Furniture With A Bed In A Box

The first box bed is a unique DIY idea that was designed and created by a man named Robert MacPherson. MacPherson designed the bed box during an extended trip to Pennsic, at an annual American medieval camping event and is considered to be the largest annual event that converges more than 10,000 re-enactors as well as medieval enthusiasts for about two weeks each year to celebrate life in the Middle Ages. People from France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Greece, and Australia attend. The annual gathering is typically for campers to construct complex campsites, and MacPherson found out that knockdown beds would be a good idea and is easy to transport.

According to MacPherson, one of the toughest and most fulfilling parts of the build was making sure that all of the interlockings, unfolding, and movable pieces work in conjunction with one another. This lovely piece of furniture is a bed box. To look at it, the box looks like a standard blanket box and bench. However, when you open up the wooden box, the unique piece of furniture has everything you need to make a bed. This bed in a box is all about saving space and is the perfect way to get the extra bed that you need without having to use up that space when it's not needed. This bed box design is quite ingenious and its quite easy to assemble. You can place a simple air mattress over the bed frame, and your wooden bed is ready for a good nights sleep. The nice part is that the bed in a box is a bed when you need a bed, and when you want more space, all you have to do is just fold it up and store it away. The bed in a box is a great space saver.

The majority of the DIY project is made of select pine, with the panels of the project to do being birch plywood. The finish of the DIY project is semi-gloss polyurethane. The lock and most of the hinges in the DIY design were handmade out of necessity, as the dimensions that MacPherson needed were unavailable. The bed in a box uses 16 gauge steel to form each piece, then applying a blue-grey oxide finish with a torch and finishing with polyurethane to help prevent corrosion. MacPherson did use screws to make things easier on himself. While the use of threaded fasteners wasn’t feasible until the late 15th century, he never intended this to be a pure project.

Wooden furniture had a timeless quality about it, if built properly and cared for it can last for a long time, and be passed down from one generation to another. Wooden furniture is furniture that is created using authentic building materials, such as wood, and kept in its natural form. Wooden furniture can be both large and small pieces to include tables, chairs, benches, beds, and more. After seeing this bed in a box piece of furniture you are sure to be inspired to build one for yourself.

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