Make a Simple DIY Platform Bed Frame

Have you been interested in building your own furniture for your home? Try your hand at building a simple DIY platform bed frame. These platform bed frames are really popular right now in furniture stores and online, but buying one new could cost over $500. Building your own furniture means buying the wood, but by doing a lot of the work yourself, you'll save a lot of money overall. Plus, you can then stain or paint the finished product any color you like so it matches your other furniture or decor. If you've never built your own furniture before, it could help to start out with a simpler project first and then work your way up to more difficult projects as you get more familiar with building. You may also want to get some help when building larger projects like this one. This project builds a King size Mid-Century or Japanese inspired wooden platform bed. If you are building your platform for a different size mattress, all you have to do is subtract or add the difference in mattress size on the bed.

For the project, you'll need 6" Hairpin Legs which you can order online or find in a hardware or specialty store in your area. You can also use angled wooden legs too for that Mid-Century modern look, and those can also be found online or in a hardware store. Another good idea is to buy your furniture legs used if you can. Look on eBay or in thrift stores and garage sales for the legs on their own or for furniture you can take apart and use the legs from. You may need to sand them down and refinish them to match your furniture though too. The other lumber you'll need for this project includes 7 - 8 foot 4x4s, 12 - 8 foot 2x4s, 2 - 8x1x2s, 1 - 3/4" Pine Plywood, 4 - 8 foot 1x4s, 2 - 4'x8' Tempered Hardboard Panels, the stain or paint of your color choice, and wood glue. You'll also need a Jig, Jig Screws, and a Doweling Jig. The finished King size platform bed frame will measure 81.5 inches long by 80 inches wide.

One of the good ideas from this DIY is to make sure you try and find lumber that has matching or closely resembling grain. Then choose which side you want to be facing outward and mark an arrow on the side to show which side goes up so you won't have to remember later on. These beams then get glued together and cut to 81.5 inches long. Then, you can add some holes and dowels in the beams to make sure that they line up properly. On the underside of the beams, you will create some pocket holes for screws which will hold the bed together. With the frame intact you can then add on the slats that will hold the bed up by screwing them onto the bed frame. Next, flip the bed over and add the legs on the bottom by measuring 3.5 inches in from each corner to line them up. It's a good idea to attach the legs onto riser blocks as well. Then you can make the headboard which is the thick piece of plywood and attach it to the back of the platform frame. There are also going to be support boards that go on the back of the headboard to keep it sturdy. For support, 12 more wooden legs are also placed on the bottom of the frame to give it evenly distributed support. Once you're all done with building, you can then paint or stain the frame and use it when it's dry.

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