Maison Dans la Prairie is a Lovely Cottage Built on a Budget

This cottage known as Maison Dans la Prairie, which translates into a house in the meadow, is a beautiful, simple and modern retreat built on a budget. You will want to take a closer look at all the details both inside and out. The cottage has such a unique look and feel all of its own. It features simple lines, lots of wood and use of white walls that welcome guests to stay a while and enjoy the simplicity of cottage life. This cottage was built on a budget, but that didn't mean having to sacrifice quality. It's 839 square feet in size set in the beautiful meadow and country surroundings which is so inspiring and relaxing.

The cottage uses lots of wood on the exterior that helps it fit into its natural surrounds quite nicely. The flat, slightly sloping roof, converges in the middle for a unique look. The white walls on the interior open the space up, and the all-white kitchen is a great and unique look all its own. The frosted and clear pocket doors are a great way to open up the cottage space outdoors, and the modern wood furniture combines with the wood finishes of the place. You would never know this cottage space was built on a budget; it's quite beautiful and charming in every way.

You could use a cottage like this as a vacation retreat, the perfect place to do some yoga, with pocket doors that open right up, making the tiny house space feel more like an open outdoor studio than a tiny house. It would just be so great on nice days to open up the place and get all that fresh air flowing through the space. The pocket doors are a great design feature of this tiny house design. The tiny house location would offer lots of opportunities to be outside, get fresh air, go on walks and hikes. It would be the best place to do some art, be creative, maybe some painting or some writing. You might also choose just to relax, away from the city, in a lovely tiny house space like this, the possibilities are endless.

It just goes to show, that just because a space isn't large doesn't mean it has to lack style and great design concepts. Quite the opposite, this tiny house space is memorable. It's the kind of space, along with its location that you can't help to think fondly of because of it's great design proving that it doesn't take a large space to create a big impact and a lasting impression on you. You can see that it's possible to build a great cottage on a budget and really love the outcome. If you don't want to build a brand new cottage of your own, there is always the option of buying a cottage and renovating it to be the cottage of your dreams. Renovating is a great way to refresh an older space and bring it back to life, keeping a part of history alive.

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