Luxurious Log Cabin Hidden in the Woods - The Outdoor Patio is Amazing!

This beautiful cabin building in Petoskey Michigan is set amongst the hills and valleys of 269 Acres. The natural location is just outside of Petoskey, which makes this secluded wood cabin super convenient with all the necessities only minutes away. The Petoskey location also lends itself close to the treasured Boyne and Walloon Lake. Even the Windover Lodge is located not too far of a drive. With close to 270 acres and over 5000 square feet of space in this imported Montana Garland Log Lodge. Your mind will wander off to the Rockies in this true Western Lodge. You won't see too many Montana log cabin building imported to Michigan, so this wood cabin is a treat, combined with one of the largest tracts of land in Petoskey, with the Boyne Mountains and Wallon Lake at your doorstep this log house for sale is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This luxury log house is priced at $1,890,000.

The topography of this log house location is the Michigan Mountain Range, with the wood cabin located near the center of the property. The natural property has privacy in all directions and is serviced by a sophisticated trail system which allows for easy access to most of the 270 Acres. The professionally managed forest and habitat of this Michigan location attract and hold a healthy population of Whitetail Deer, Grouse, Wild Turkey and the occasional Bear. The hills close by are downhill ski grade and were at one-time consideration for a ski resort development. If you are looking for a private retreat for family and friends as well as a place to embrace the Northern Michigan Life, the Windover Lodge is ideal. The log house is conveniently just minutes to Petoskey, Walloon and Boyne.

Designing and building a log house is a great way to ensure that your log house design suits your family's lifestyle and needs. There are several steps you can take when considering your log house to get the log house design of your dreams. Properly planning your log house design will also save you time and money throughout the log house build, and be on your way to realizing your beautifully designed log home.

Buying a prebuilt log house is just one of the ways to get the wood cabin of your dreams. If a cabin building is something you are considering, you can also think about building yourself. You'll need to start with choosing a building site on your plot of land. You can begin planning as soon as you purchase your piece of land. Study the building site to determine the best spot to locate your cabin building. Hire a civil engineer or a land surveyor to help prepare a site plan that shows the property lines, building setbacks, the easements and rights of way, along with the location of trees, ponds, streams, roads and buildings on adjacent sites. You will need this information to properly locate a septic system, plan a walkout basement or position a swimming pool. Using a photocopy of your building site plan, you can keep track of your property's natural features.

You want to note its topography, the sun's orientation, the best views and existing tree cover. If possible, it's a good idea to visit the site at various times of the day and during all of the four seasons. You can plant stakes and string to map out the boundaries of your log house and to help you visualize the size and layout of your design. Bring a ladder with you when you go and stand on it so you can get a good idea of what the views from the windows will be. Then take photos of your building lot and house site.

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