Knot Home Houseboat Offers Exposed Grain and Waterfront Decks

The Knot Home houseboat has a modern exterior with cedar shiplap as an accent, along with plenty of outdoor space across the two levels. This Lake Union houseboat is located on Westlake Avenue about halfway between Fremont and South Lake Union and was recently for sale. The 566 square foot houseboat tiny house has birch paneling that is smooth but showcases large wood knots throughout. The first floor on the Knot Home houseboat is open which works well for this small space, as it is functional, with a living room that is cradled in a bamboo-reed wall. There is a long wall down one side of the houseboat that has a recessed fireplace and a full-sized kitchen, that leads back to an office corner with a built-in desk and a floating staircase. Upstairs in this tiny house design, there is a bedroom that sits in a smaller cabin which allows for bigger patios at either end of the wraparound deck, one just off the master bedroom with a hammock and another larger with room enough for outdoor gatherings.

The modern houseboat design has hardwood floors and birch-panel walls that line the living room. The tiny house has a curved wall that separates the living area from an office area and the stairs on the other side of the houseboat. The tiny house design has a small but full-sized kitchen that lines the same wall as the electric fireplace. There is a bedroom that nests above the living areas, surrounded by a larger, outdoor wraparound deck with patios on either side. Opposite of the houseboat bedroom, there is a large patio that has plenty of room for small barbecues. There are two decks below that extend the living room and the office areas, and a larger, wraparound outdoor deck above that has more space, views, and sun.

This Knot Home houseboat tiny house is sure to inspire you with all that it has to offer, maybe you'll find yourself dreaming of a houseboat of your own. Some of the benefits of a houseboat tiny house include that you will get to wake up every day to a waterfront view, you'll enjoy the benefits of living on the water, you don't have to worry about yard maintenance when you live on a houseboat, and there may be some financial benefits to living on a houseboat.

Of course one of the biggest benefits of houseboat living is in the lifestyle. There is no yard or lawn to deal with, and you'll enjoy hearing the soothing sounds of the water every day. When you live and stay on a houseboat you can enjoy the sunrises and sunsets from your waterside retreat. A houseboat is a good investment because the supply of houseboat tiny houses is somewhat limited, compared to land houses, so the prices tend to stay high. A houseboat is a good return on your investment if you plan to sell later down the line. Living and staying on a houseboat is like no other experience, it is more of a relaxed atmosphere that suits many people.

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