Kansas City Based Company Proves That Containers Are Amazing Building Materials

This modern 40-foot steel container home with its covered front porch is just an example of what can be done. This shipping container home has smart lap siding on the exterior with a raised sloped roof that allows for both lofts. The steel container home has a Mitsubishi mini-split unit that makes for a comfortable temperature year round without the noise of a window unit. Inside has all stained pine tongue and groove with painted trim. The vinyl flooring looks like wood which compliments everything well. The living area has a barn wood accent wall that gives the steel container home a touch of rustic on the inside.

This steel container home has a nice size loft that allows for a queen bed and has steps to the loft that offers plenty of storage and a place to hang your clothes. In the kitchen, you will see the custom-built birch kitchen cabinets that are stained to match the trim with really nice laminate countertops. This steel container home has a 15 cubic foot refrigerator, combo washer/dryer unit, full-size dishwasher and a convection microwave. The bathroom has a standard 5-foot tub/shower unit with a standard size toilet and vanity.

These shipping container builders are located in Archie, Missouri and take between 4 to 10 weeks to build a custom container home, depending on the steel container design and construction materials. The total time between order and delivery is dependent on the number of steel container homes that are being constructed. They can give you a more exact timeframe when you order your steel container home. All of their steel container homes can accommodate solar, and it is best to work with a local solar provider who understands the solar capability, the best location for solar panel placement and amount of sunlight for your area. They can work with your local solar provider before building the shipping container home and incorporate any necessary modifications as needed so that your home is delivered solar ready or you can work with a local solar provider after they deliver the shipping container home and retrofit it with solar. They can also work with them to deliver a full or partial off-grid quote specific to your situation.

Steel shipping container walls are made from 14 gauge, 0.078 inch corrugated sheet steel panels that are welded to the main structure. The top and bottom side rails and end frames are 7 gauge tubular steel. The steel used to build modern shipping/cargo containers is a corrosive resistant high-strength low-alloy steel. The floors in the shipping container home are 1 1/8 inch thick marine plywood. The bottom of the steel container has recesses along the bottom side rails, which allows them to be lifted with special straddle carriers. The steel container floor is 1-1/8″ thick marine (19 ply treated) plywood screwed into the main steel container structure. As they use standard steel containers, they can offer 20 foot and 40-foot shipping container home options. Both steel container lengths are 8 feet wide. The standard 20 foot and 40-foot steel containers are 8 1/2 feet tall.

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