Impressive 275k Pound Historic Castle For Sale In Pribilesti, Romania

Take a step inside of this historic castle for sale in Pribilesti, Romania. Priced at €275k the historic Teleki Castle in Pribilesti bears an impressive historical value, defining a significant part of Hungarian history. It was used as a summer residence by count Geza Teleki (1843-1913) and his son, Pal Teleki (1879 –1941), Count de Szek, a controversial figure, prime minister of Hungaria between July 1920-April 1921 and February 1939-April 1941. Many Hungarian personalities visited the castle during the summers, enjoying ball nights when the huge piano hall on the first floor became the main attraction. The architectural design of the building is associated with the emblematic architect Miklos Ybl, one of the greatest masters of Hungarian architectural design, yet no certain proof survived.

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The Teleki family residence was built at the end of the 18th century and was surrounded by an over 16 hectares park. In 1897, the building was renovated in an Eclectic style and extended with another floor by Geza Teleki (1843-1913), writer and politician, Minister of the Interior for a short period. He was married to Iren Murati (1852-1941), the daughter of a wealthy Greek merchant. Their son, Pal Teleki, was a politician and expert in geography, a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He tried to preserve Hungarian autonomy by avoiding Hungary’s involvement in World War II. He is a controversial figure because he enacted far-reaching anti-Jewish laws. In 1938, he was Minister of Education and represented his country during the Second Vienna Award. In December, he negotiated a treaty of friendship with Yugoslavia, yet in April 1941 admiral Miklos Horthy allowed German troops to cross Hungarian territory, this will be determined he commit suicide the next day, a gesture to absolve himself from the betrayal.

The building has three levels. It is built of ashlars, with vaults. The ground floor of the castle has two entrances on opposite sides. The basement exists only under one wing and under the tower. There is another entrance to the tower. Over the main entrance, there is a balcony and a glass canopy on the west side. The secondary entrance, from the east, is formed of three arcades, with an open porch, with entrances from three directions. At the main entrance, there is a large hall where the stairs are found and the first floor is surrounded by a balcony.

On the first floor, from the balcony, one can enter a large room, with the ceiling supported by a concrete beam and two metallic posts. The other rooms have doors on the ground floor and on the first floor. The windows over the entrance have at the upper side a semicircle, the others are straight. There are two towers, one with a rectangular layout, the other circular, both having separate entrances, from the outside. The rectangular tower has metallic stairs, which climb for four levels. It has a balcony, on the last floor, on the eastern side.

The villagers in Pribilesti still remember the Canadian oak forest that surrounded the castle and created a thick and frightening shadow in the background. It is said that the Count, who was a hunter, kept stuffed animals in the underground, including African trophies to include hippos, tigers, and rhinos. Today, this monument full of legends is waiting for a project to restore its amazing and interesting history.

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