How to Make Fancy Glowing Jar Lights at Home Quick and Affordable

Need some light in your life? Here are some great DIY projects to try for DIY lights. You could use these homemade lights for a variety of different purposes and uses. They would make for great nightlights while camping, or for a kids room. Some of these DIY lights would also look beautiful as decoration for a party or an event. Plus, they are much safer than candles which can tip over and make a mess or worse, start a fire. They are also quite affordable to make which is not the case with premade candles in jars. There are a few different ways you can create your own beautiful lighting using various DIY ideas, and these could also be great fun ideas for kids to try out too with some help and supervision of course.

If you like a neon type of glow, the first type of DIY lantern you can try out is the glowstick lantern. All you need are some glowsticks and a clean, empty jar or a few of them depending on what you're using them for. You can get glowsticks at the dollar store usually a pack of three bracelets is only $1 or a large glowstick for $2. Gather the colours you want your lanterns to be and get some jars as well. You can use recycled jars from pasta sauce or any other items in jars. Wash the jars out really well and make sure they are dry. Set up a workstation with newspaper so that you don't make a mess in your home with the glowstick liquid. Add just a little bit of water to your jars.

Then, take the glowsticks of your choice and crack the glowsticks to activate them. Then, very carefully, take the glowsticks over the open jars and cut them open, so the liquid pours out of the plastic casing. The liquid will mix with the water, and you can then put the lid on the jar and swirl it around the jar to coat the inside of the jar. Let them sit in the light for at least a few minutes and then bring them into the dark or in front of a black light to watch them glow brightly. You can also use more water to make a lot of glowing liquid or just put the glowsticks into the water without cutting them open.

If you have some highlighter pens and a blacklight in the room, you'll be setting these up, that could also work. Either take the highlighter and break it open and splatter the ink inside of a jar or pour the ink into some water. You can also take the highlighter and create your own designs all over the jar. When you put the jars decorated in highlighter under a black light, you will see that they will glow. These jars won't glow on their own like the ones that use glowsticks though, so just keep that in mind. Try out these cool DIY ideas the next time you want to create some funky or fun lighting.

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