Hop, Skip and Jump Log Cabin is a Comfortable and Welcoming Cottage

Just on the outskirts of Nashville, Indiana, this lovely log cottage is just a hop skip and a jump away from the city centre. That's why it's called hop skip and jump making it a very convenient but also a very relaxing cabin. The cabin has 2 bedrooms and can accommodate 4 people comfortably so it would be excellent for families or a small group of friends. It's set high on a 2-acre lot with lots of trees overlooking a creek so you can imagine how relaxing and soothing it would be out there. There's a great deck on both the front, the side and the back thanks to the wrap around style of the deck layout. This provides tons of space to enjoy the outdoors without having to go very far from the cabin itself. Plus, there's a hot tub on the back part of the deck with incredible views, so it doesn't get much more relaxing than that. You'll feel like you're staying in a treehouse even though the log cabin is firmly planted on the ground. The front of the cabin is done in dark green wood siding and looks like it may be a new or renovated part of the cabin. While the back portion of the cabin looks much older made from logs in the classic chinked square log style. Also, an old brick chimney is part of that area of the home as well and also looks like it's part of the original old charming log cabin. Once inside, you can really get an appreciation for the old logs that make the home. Weathered and aged gracefully, the logs tell a story of their own about all of the wonderful times had inside the cabin walls.

The log cabin owner also has a great appreciation for antiques and unique items, and they've displayed the items beautifully and tastefully throughout the cabin. At the front of the home is the dining area which you can tell is the newer addition with drywall on the inside that's been painted a beautiful blue colour. There has also been some work done to the older part of the cabin thanks to the renovations done in 2016. They added some nice pot lighting and beautiful white painted wood ship lap on the ceiling for a brighter look in the living room. The living room would be the perfect place to sit and relax with the fireplace at the centre and the windows looking out over the forest outside. The bedrooms are also cute and cozy spaces with one of them on the main floor and one on the upper level. Both of the bedrooms have queen sized beds with lovely bedding, and they both also have ensuite bathrooms. The kitchen has everything that's needed to make some great homecooked meals plus there is a fireplace outside to cook some food over too if guests want to have an authentic camping experience.

On the property is a wonderful place to explore within itself, and the cabin is a great place to relax and kick back. There are little walking trails throughout the property that guests can enjoy and see all of the birds that visit. But even though it feels so remote, the property is only a half a mile away from the town centre. Guests can even walk into the town down a country road to enjoy all of the great restaurants and attractions the town has to offer. Brown Country Log Cabins also has other log cabins for guests to enjoy including the Over Easy, Big Easy, Maple Hills, and the Sanctuary which are also in the same area as the Hop, Skip and Jump cabin. Which one would you choose?

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