Homes of Merit's Park Model Rvs May Be Small in Size but They Are Big in Living

You'll want to take a look at the park model homes at Homes of Merit's they might be small in size but they are big in living. You'll find floor plans designed to take advantage of every inch, with their park model homes not feeling like tiny homes. They feature modern amenities such as full-sized kitchens and spacious living and sleeping areas. You can upgrade your park model with options like lofts, the ultimate kitchen two, and inline electric fireplaces. You can also extend your living to the outdoors with porches and with their Contemporary Cottages with rooftop terraces. Homes of Merit builds park models are up to 399 square feet according to ANSI code, as well as HUD park models up to 499 square feet.

With the rising costs of home and property taxes driving more people towards more affordable housing, RV park model homes are becoming more and more popular. The tiny homes are an affordable alternative to traditional homes and can allow you to have a temporary, long-term, or permanent housing solution just about anywhere. The following are just some of the benefits of park model homes.

Affordable. One of the biggest benefits of buying a park model home is that they are much more affordable than a traditional-sized home design. Due to their smaller size and the fact that you do not have to pay for a concrete slab or land, you get to save money.

You Can Transport Them. The main reason that people choose to go with an RV park model home is that they can be transported with any vehicle capable of towing them (licensed toter and permits must be obtained by the DMV). RV park model homes are homes built onto a chassis with wheels similar to a trailer. This allows you to move the home when needed.

Long Term Living. Not only are park model homes great for non-permanent living they are also used for long-term living. This can include staying in them while you have a new home built, using it for college years to save some money, or even if you want to save a little money before purchasing your dream home. Park model homes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate long-term living and can even be built to suit your specific lifestyle. You will need to have electrical, water, and plumbing set up at the location you are wanting to use the RV.

You Can Customize Them. Park model homes have plenty of customizable options. You can add decks, windows, granite, and much more to your park model home to give it a more upscale look. This is a huge advantage when looking at using your park model home for long-term or permanent living situations as you will get the same great creature comforts that you would normally find in a traditional-sized home. You'll want to talk with your local park model home dealer about what options you have when customizing your tiny home.

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