Historic Czech Chateau For Sale In Prague, Czech Republic

You'll want to take a closer look at this historic Czech Chateau for sale. The first building was built in 1318, with a Baroque chateau reconstruction in 1729, and a reconstruction between 2005-2009. The area is a protected monument. The complex is located just 35 kilometers from Prague and after the completion of the D3 motorway, the property will be approximately 7 km from the motorway.

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Some of the valuable historical features in the chateau include a Baroque mansard roof, wooden neck vault, uncovered paintings in 1700 and 1750, statues in the park from 1878 to 1882, cast-iron columns, and metal wrought-out railing from 1880. It is the largest Thuja Plicata in the Czech Republic. The area of the park is 3.5 hectares, with two ponds one 935 square meters and the other 1378 square meters. The built-up area of the chateau is 590 square meters, with a usable area of 1350 square meters. Building No. 2 is a built-up area of 630 square meters with a usable area of 800 square meters with half of the building unfinished. As part of the sale, there is Apartment 5 and background with a vaulted room that is 5 by 4, Apartment 2 with background with a double vaulted room and 400 square meters of land to include a family house as part of the sale.

There is also a vaulted cellar from the 17th century with 3 rooms each 50 square meters that are not repaired, a new wooden building stable of 100 square meters, a stone cellar that is above ground from the 19th century. Other included is a 30 square meter garden house, an original house which is now used for heat pumps, entrance to the plot is via 2 main and 2 side gates. The complex is closed by a stone wall.

The main driveway and sidewalks are granite cubes. The road network in the park is restored according to Josefin maps in 1785. Building No. 1 and No. 2 have complete drainage and outdoor insulation into the pond.

The surroundings of the castle have lighting for light sensors. All the rainwater and drainage are withdrawn to the pond. The irrigation is provided by a separate pump from each pond and shafts. Both buildings have heating heat pumps and wastewater treatment plants. There are 3 wells, a clock in the electrically operated tower with Frankfurt time and is connected to the police counter of the Czech Republic Benesov

The chateau is ready for private living and/or company headquarters. The interiors of the chateau are equipped with very prestigious luxury European brands in the bathrooms, furniture, chandeliers, carpets, paintings, textiles, and more. The castle has 4 bathrooms, a staircase hall, and 17 rooms. The floor plans of the castle interior are returned to their original state (in 1729). There are no corridors and you can walk freely from one room to another. The layout of the rooms has a logical sequence according to use. The enfilade is restored on the second floor.

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