Historic and Elegant Suite in Kyoto, Japan

Imagine yourself staying in traditional home design in Japan, and this elegant suite in Kyoto is sure to come to mind. The elegant suite can accommodate up to 6 guests, with 3 bedrooms, and one bathroom with the entire home design to yourself. The Kyoto vacation rental is fully licensed with the city of Kyoto as a lodging provider. This elegant suite in Kyoto has a 250-year history with modern amenities in its design. The suite spans the second floor, with air conditioning, a soaking tub, wifi, tatami floors, and Japanese futon bedding. The Kyoto vacation home design is close to easy bike/transit access to all of the Kyoto sights. You'll want to note that there is no kitchen in this vacation rental. The owners also have two other Machiya townhouses nearby with full kitchens.

Before booking, you'll want to read the entire description carefully to see if the vacation home design is a good fit for your particular needs. The antique cabin building is suited best to travelers who appreciate all its quirks and care about preserving the architectural design for future generations. They are fully licensed and registered with the city of Kyoto as a lodging provider, in this cabin building that began its life over 200 years ago as an Ageya where geisha entertained and then became a Ryokan over 100 years ago. Now the Kyoto home design only takes one booking at a time for the second-floor suite, and the first floor of the home design has a coffee shop and bar. The beautiful cabin building has been officially recognized as a historic scenic property by the city of Kyoto.

On the first floor of the cabin building, you'll find a western-style room with vaulted ceilings and many stained glass designs that date back to the early 1900s. The Kyoto cabin building on the first floor houses the coffee shop and bar, which is usually open from 3 p.m. until 10 p.m. Periodically they host concerts and other events in the historic space, you'll want to ask for details about events during your stay. Once you climb the stairs to the second floor of the historic space, there are three bedrooms, living rooms, and soaking tubs that are yours to enjoy after your days of Kyoto sightseeing. The atmosphere downstairs in this historic space is usually relaxed and quiet, so the upstairs remains calm and peaceful for Airbnb guests.

The historic vacation rental does not include a kitchen or any place for food preparation. This is perfect for people who prefer to eat out and work fine here as there are a variety of restaurants within walking distance. The historic cabin building also does not include a laundry facility, however, there is a small coin laundry about a 5-minute walk from the place. They occasionally have concerts in the first-floor cafe/bar space, often singer/songwriters, jazz, or other instrumental music. Guests are always welcome to attend live music events for no charge. They ask musicians to finish their sets by 10:00 p.m. which means that all is usually quiet in the vacation rental by 11:00 p.m. or midnight.

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