Hideout Beehive - Eco Bamboo Home In Bali

The Hideout Beehive is like no other home you've seen before, and the best part is that you can rent it for a vacation of your own. The Hideout Beehive is located in Selat, Bali, Indonesia and can accommodate up to 4 guests with 2 bedrooms, 2 beds, and 1.5 bathrooms. During your vacation you will have the entire bamboo home to yourself. The Hideout Beehive vacation rental is an adventurous bamboo jungle hideaway that is set on the slopes of Gunung Agung, in the middle of rice fields with a beautiful view of the running river. The Beehive vacation rental provides a calm environment, while you are immersed in the Balinese jungle.

The Beehive vacation rental is not a hotel, it is a fun, adventurous experience, rustic and authentic right in the middle of the Balinese village life. This unique vacation rental is the perfect place for long-time travelers, spirtually minded people, lovers of nature, trekking-lovers, artists, backpackers,musicians, and eco-enthusiasts to have a unique Bali experience. The owners are most happy with eco thinking guests, who treat the little bamboo home design with love and care.

The Beehive vacation rental is set in a small private garden with a direct view of a running river and a small private pool. You can lock the gate so you will be in absolute privacy. The Beehive vacation rental also has a tiny gate with steps that let you come down to the river. The Hideout Beehive vacation rental is a two-storied house. On the ground floor of the Beehive there is a living area, kitchen, and bathroom with an outside shower. There is also a pool that is fed by the river water. The main bedroom of the vacation rental is on the first floor, it is set under the yin-yang symbol that connects with a hexagram star on the floor, which gives the room an amazing energy. The round bed in the room will surprise you, it is the biggest and omfiest bed that you've ever experienced. The owners of the Beehive use only SUKU Home sheets that work with the bamboo rayon and are handmade dyed with traditional batik techniques.

The extra enclosed home design is perfect for your guests, it is a bit adventurous, with a mosquito net as well. It provides a lovely experience to fall asleep to the sound of a running river. During your vacation stay, they will provide you with one scooter for free, including two helmets. A scooter is an excellent way to travel around the area and reach the small shops, sights, and restaurants, but you'll only want to use if you are an experienced driver and have an international driving license. The Beehive vacation rental can be also a shelter for a Kikky the cat, which is super cute and cuddly. During your stay you can meet their friendly Hoki and Tracy dogs if the owners are in the garden with them. They are the best security for the night-time. You won't want to book the Hideout Beehive, if you have a pet allergy or if you don't want to be close to the animals. You can experience authentic Balinese cultural habits, lifestyle, and observe many wonderful things in nature. Especially in the river, which is sometimes used for Balinese cleansing ceremonies. It's a wonderful thing to experience.

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