Hidden Bungalow with a Spacious Garden in Bali

A beautiful hidden bungalow with a spacious garden for a vacation of a lifetime. This hidden gem is located in South Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. The private room is in a bungalow and can accommodate up to 2 guests with one bedroom, 1 bed, and a private bathroom. The private room is located in Uluwatu, is the perfect place to visit when you are in the south of Bali with a landmark Uluwatu temple and Kecak Dance. This private guesthouse is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset, with a spacious garden too. You can spend your time cruising around the area on motorbikes, with its unspoiled beaches, and the fresh air. In this location, you can visit the Sunday surfer parties on the cliffs, the sandy beaches with the limestone cliff above, and the relaxing sunset lounges. This location is only a 5-minute drive to the Uluwatu Temple.

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This property has a spacious garden and beautiful bungalows that blend into the surrounding nature. You can enjoy your vacation without having to worry about being disturbed by the noise of the city. You'll find the attractive garden and clean air are some of the strengths of this stunning Bali property. The entire room in the bungalow is yours. In this area of Bali, the beaches are stunning, you can easily reach Suluban beach within a very short 10-minute drive, with its unique beach culture and its cliff-side bars, surf-repair shops, and restaurants. This location is a lesser-known spot in Bali, but one that travelers keep coming back to again and again.

The hidden bungalow is also really close to the Uluwatu temple, which hosts a nightly Kecak performance, one of the top cultural activities in South Bali. The area is generally quiet and pretty laid back. There are several restaurants in Suluban Beach and Padang Padang. There is a good selection of Indonesian, Mexican, Italian, and Thai cuisine. Uluwatu is the frontier of Bali. It is all about the big beaches, big open countryside, and the big surf. You'll love the freedom of cruising around the area on motorbikes, enjoying the fresh air, and the unspoiled beaches.

You can also enjoy various attractions around this vacation property. If you like to enjoy nature you can visit the Nyang-Nyang beach or go to the cliffs of Boma, if you like culture, you can go to Kecak Api dance or the Uluwatu Temple, with all of these locations only taking about 10 minutes to get there. When you are there you can go up to the lighthouse, to a nice spot where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and hang out with friends. Another great thing to do during your vacation at this Bali retreat you can go to the Padang Padang beach, also known as Thomas beach which is less crowded if you like having the beach to yourself. You can also enjoy the cultural sunset time, at every sunset time at the temple at Uluwatu, local boys gather to perform the story of the White Monkey, where you will be immersed in an orchestra of dancing and chanting to the backdrop of ocean waves.

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