Gingered Swan is the Most Favorite Tiny House in Texas

The Gingered Swan is like no other vacation rental you've seen before. The tiny cabin building has so much character you'll be sure to fall in love with everything about this unique tiny house vacation. The unique cabin building is located in Luling, Texas, United States and can accommodate up to 2 guests, with one bedroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire tiny home to yourself. The Gingered Swan vacation rental is an adorable artistic design. The tiny house has an 80 square foot footprint downstairs and a 70 square foot space upstairs. On the main floor, there is a small living area and a kitchen sink with no plumbing right now, an upstairs porch and no bathroom, the tiny cabin has use of the community bathhouse. The tiny cabin has no television or wifi. Well behaved dogs are allowed at the tiny cabin with a $20 pet fee per reservation. There is no smoking in the tiny house vacation rental.

The building materials for the Gingered Swan came from the Ugly Duckling Salvage Mining Bootcamp in Luling Texas. The owners tore down an old house and used the reclaimed building materials to build the Gingered Swan tiny house a few months later. Tiny Texas Houses Bnb is a unique experience that is different from any other vacation stay. This Bnb is located on their 43-acre property which they now call Salvage Texas, which also includes the Tiny Texas Houses building site of Manifestation Bay. The Bnb guesthouses are just a small part of our sustainable living operations. All of the tiny guesthouses, as well as the Salvage Faire event center and market which is currently under construction, are made with re-purposed building materials from homes and barns throughout Texas, some as old as the early 1900s. The old structures were carefully dismantled and then stored in their extensive warehouses, which now hold enough doors, wood, and windows to build over 300 tiny houses.

Each tiny house is unique and lovingly constructed by our team of builders. All of the interior furnishings and decorations are also salvaged and up-cycled pieces from other projects. The result is a beautiful and one of a kind tiny house design in a rustic rural setting. Their tiny guesthouses are a small demonstration of the methods and building materials available to build affordable tiny houses from functional and beautiful building materials that would otherwise end up clogging the landfills.

The community bathhouse is located on the right about 100 feet back towards the entrance. The community bathhouse has sinks, showers, and toilets. There are dogs, cats, and chickens on the property but none of them live in the tiny houses. It is suggested you bring a flashlight so you see the outdoor at night. You'll want to be aware of Texas wildlife including birds, snakes, fire ants, and more. The tiny cabin building is located on I-10 just a few miles southeast of Luling, Texas. The tiny cabin vacation rental is a short 5-minute drive from Palmetto State Park and the city of Luling which includes Zedler Mill and other famous sites.

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