Featured Log Builder: Linwood Custom Homes

If you are looking for a customizable house plan for your new home, consider one of the customizable plans from Linwood Custom Homes. This is a log builder that is based in the United States, Canada and internationally, and will deliver to over twenty-six countries around the world. A highly-respected company, they have been building homes since 1968, so they have a lot of experience and expertise in building the perfect log home for their customers. They have offices you can call or email in the United States and Canada, and an office in British Columbia, Canada that is specifically devoted to international sales. Linwood Custom Homes could be the perfect choice for building your customized log home since they are dedicated to each of their customers and work one on one with them to build the best log homes. Since pricing is one of the aspects of the design and building that comes up often, this is something they will help you with during your build. They will work with your budget as best as they can by helping you choose the perfect number of square feet as well as customized options. Linwood Custom Homes estimates that you will save five to ten dollars per square foot by using one of their log home kits rather than having a more traditional builder build a custom home for you.

This is partly because the log home kits include all the materials necessary to build your log home. This will save your builder time sourcing the products and therefore will save you money. There is also less waste because all the products are pre-cut and efficient to build with. There should be little to no waste of materials in your home building project. Additionally, Linwood Custom Homes offers all their home building kits at a fixed price meaning that the price won’t increase later on when you want to buy. Other companies will raise rates during peak building times, which make it home plans more expensive. The log homes from Linwood are appealing in so many ways. Besides being quaint and cozy looking homes, they are also energy efficient and eco-friendly. Linwood offers the option of adding solar panels, low flush toilets, and geothermal heat exchange units for a truly environmentally safe home. So if you want a rustic log home or cabin without the rustic attributes, they can finish it with all of the latest high-tech items to keep everything running efficiently. You can choose from over 400 home designs on their website as well as a great selection of materials and finishes.

You can start your plan from scratch, or you can use one of these floor plans and change it up to suit your needs. There are so many plans and designs to choose from it might be hard to pick just one, so if you have a few that you like most, tell the log builders which ones you like, and they can maybe show you an amalgamation of a few different plans to create your dream home. Once the design is decided upon, the log building package is manufactured in their factory, and then it will be delivered right to the property you're building on. It's as simple as that. Once the log home package has arrived and the foundation is set up, you can choose from large network of local log builders or use a builder you've chosen yourself. Linwood has created over 10,000 high-quality homes since 1968, and their log home kits and packages have won national awards and have been shipped off to 26 countries.

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