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Kenomee Log Homes was incorporated back in 1981 giving these log builders over 35 years of experience. Kenomee Log Homes is a Canadian family owned and operated business. Since day one, the log builders have made it their goal to offer affordable, high-quality cedar log homes. It can be pretty overwhelming to find the best log builder for your dream home because there are so many companies out there that seem to all be offering similar packages. Kenomee Log Homes shares a quick little set of questions you can run through while investigating different log builders so you can compare and make a choice. First of all, you'll want to know what type of wood is used in their log homes which can make a huge difference in the overall look and quality of the log home. Second, you'll want to understand what type of log profiles and joinery systems they use, as well as the sizes of logs offered. Third, you'll want to learn about what will be included in the log building package as well. While many log builders use pine logs because they're readily available, it's often been proved that while pine is good, cedar wood in most cases is better. There are so many structural advantages that cedar offers compared to pine including having the highest R-rating meaning that their insulation levels are high and that they are the more energy efficient choice.

Cedar also has a high level of natural insecticide within it which means no chemical treatments to get rid of pests. These natural chemicals that cedar wood produces also wards off disease rot and mold as well which can be detrimental to your log home or cabin. Cedar is also the driest wood, so it doesn't need to be dried for very long before it's used and usually, a kiln doesn't have to be used to dry it out. It also grows quite slowly which is a good thing because slower growth makes for stronger wood. That also means less checking, warping, shrinkage and settling. Kenomee log builders only build their homes with high-quality White Cedar, so customers will be getting all of the amazing benefits of cedarwood in their log home or cabin. The log profile Kenomee uses is the true round log that is precision turned and available in 6 inch, 7 inch or 8-inch diameters. Each of the logs also only contains the Heartwood of the log as well making for superior structural characteristics. When it comes to the joinery, Kenomee log builders use a special insulated double tongue, and groove compression seal system using dove-tail splines at the butt ends, as well as full saddle, notched corners. The tight corners not only create stability, but they also create a tighter joint which means better insulation and a more energy efficient home.

All of the logs are pre-cut and easy to assemble which means they won't be doing any cutting on site. The standard package from the log builders at Kenomee includes the drawings you'll need to get a building permit, a construction manual, 16 hours with a log builder to help with the installation of the log walls. As soon as the walls are built, a contractor can take over. They also offer an Interior Package and some other optional items as well so customers can pick and choose what they want in their building package. The log builders at Kenomee are happy to help customers with anything they need and will also answer any questions people have before even becoming a customer. This could be the perfect log builder for your dream log home or cabin.

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