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Building a log home doesn't have to be too overwhelming, especially when you find the right log builders to build it for you. Blockhausbau is a log builder from Hombrechtikon in Switzerland, so if you're in that area, they could be just the log builder for you. Even if you don't live in their area, it's always a great idea to see what other log builders in the world are doing and how they create their beautiful homes. You may also be able to order log homes from distant log builders depending on what their shipping policies are. It's also a good idea to get an excellent idea of exactly what you want in your own log home so you can decide on designs and floor plans. So getting some inspiration from log builders all around the world can only help with that. When you're going about choosing your log builder, a good idea is to write down a list of things that are important for you to have while working with a builder to have your home created. First, if being environmentally friendly and sustainable are high on that list, make sure that the company you're considering working with has a good plan in place for sustainability. Not only in their building practices but also in where they obtain logs. Luckily, Blockhausbau is a log builder that keeps sustainability in mind for all of their practices.

They mostly build using native silver fir which is cut in the winter minimizing the risk of cracking and infestation. The log builders also try and get logs from as close to the building site as possible to reduce transportation. They also use Spruce which is great for its simple processing, Föhre which has an attractive wood colour and Douglas fir which is very weatherproof with an attractive wood colour as well. For insulation, they only use natural insulation materials like sheep wool, flax and hemp as well as sealing tapes of all kinds. All of their log homes are built using indigenous, ecological raw materials from sustainable resources making for an environmentally friendly home. Once the home is built, it's also very efficient to heat and cool, and many of the customers comment on the pleasant indoor temperature that is achieved inside a log home. This is thanks to the logs being able to retain heat or cold during the day or night and then release it back into the home as needed. They also choose not to use any paints or harmful chemicals in the building of their log homes meaning that these homes are safe and healthy environments. Perfect for those with allergies and sensitivities.

As the log builders are creating each home, the logs are marked on the bottom with a special compass tool to mark out the shape of the log beneath it and then, they cut along the drawn line. Next, the log is joined together with the log beneath by stacking it right on top without any joints. One thing that they are aware of that they keep in mind as they build these homes is the shrinking process that all wood goes through as it dries. The diameter of the wood decreases by about 5% to 7% making the house a bit smaller. So the log builders are especially careful to allow space for the door and window openings to shrink so that they will allow for this natural occurrence. The usual construction time on the building site will all depend on the size of the log home but is usually 2 to 3 months for round log building. At their own factory, they also prefabricate log cabins as well which can shorten the construction time and happen while the foundation for the home is being laid.

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