Featured Log Builder: Amish Cabin Company

Log homes are a classic and timeless type of home that many people gravitate toward. While there are many log builders that create more modern and contemporary log homes, there are still those log builders that create traditional style log homes as well. Amish Cabin Company is one of those log builders. Customers can purchase log house kits and log cabin kits directly from the log builders website and then assemble themselves or have one built for them. Log builders like Amish Cabin Company are honoured to share these old fashioned log homes with others through their traditional log house designs. The company deals with an Amish log building firm who creates log home building packages as well as turnkey homes built by Amish construction crews. They offer over 40 log house designs for clients to choose from, each of them a little different from the next and each of the plans is able to be modified to suit the owner's needs and preferences.

Amish Cabin Company uses eastern white pine, northern white cedar, douglas fir, red cedar, and cypress which are some of the best types of wood to use for log building. They are all easy types of wood to work with and will stand up to years of use and braving the elements. The do-it-yourself log homes and cabin kits are for all of the DIYers out there who are eager to get their hands on building their home. Plus they are budget friendly which makes people happy too All customers need to do is choose the size of log house or cabin and the style and specify any features they would like added on, and the crew will create a personalized kit for the customer and ship it off to the building site. Once on the land, you'll be ready to build it. All of the kits are assembled with screws which make the build strong and sturdy. The customer is responsible for having the foundation ready when their building kit arrives as well as the forklift to unload the materials when they're delivered. So if customers aren't up to doing the work themselves, they may want to hire a local contractor to help them out or do all of the work for them. But by doing the work yourself, you'll save a lot of money since you won't have to pay for labour.

Included in the kit, the customer will find insulated energy star rated windows, metal roofing in the colour of choice, handcrafted solid pine exterior doors, exterior stain in the customer's colour choice, pine flooring, pine ceiling, the materials for 1 loft, and more. They will also include extra items for an additional cost such as bathroom cabinets and solar power options. Their log house designs are designed and built by Amish crews on an Amish farm in Kentucky. They use traditional Amish craftsmanship in their off-grid workshop making the production of the log homes very efficient and eco-friendly. These log builders are very talented at what they do, and they create some beautiful log homes and cabins for their valued customers. They have 5 standard log cabin designs, and they offer them as unassembled kits or prebuilt homes. The prebuilt log cabins come in a few different options. There's the Basic option where the customer will get the pre-built shell and no finished interior walls. These are good for people who are on a tight budget because they will have the structure and then will be able to build at their own pace. The Deluxe log cabins come finished with interior walls, electricity and more. You can also get a large cabin by adding two of any of their models together.

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