Fall In Love With Peaceful Log Cabin on 3 Acres - Near Atlanta!

You'll fall in love with this peaceful log cabin on 3 acres near Atlanta. The holiday cabin is situated in Mableton, Georgia just 2 miles from the center. This holiday home is suitable for the countryside, the eco-trip weekend you've been thinking of. The log home has a huge outdoor patio, perfect for relaxing and taking in the surrounding natural views. Outside there is a fire pit surrounded by plenty of seating, and a large yard for guests to enjoy throughout their vacation stay. Inside you'll appreciate all the log cabin has to offer with a large stone fireplace in the living room surrounded by comfy seating, great for those relaxing evenings in front of the fire. The cabin is beautifully finished inside and out and has so many details that you will be sure to love.

The holiday cabin has a stunning gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances, plenty of kitchen cupboards and counter space, and everything you need to prepare meals throughout your stay. The upstairs loft has a desk where you can have some privacy or do a bit of work if needed. The master bedroom has a door that leads to the outdoor patio, and there is a flat-screen television too. There is a spa bathroom with a wicker chaise lounge and a claw foot bathtub. There is also a covered patio with a hammock and wicker furniture. The stunning cabin has reclaimed wood throughout for a unique look that feels just like home.

The reclaimed wood in this log vacation home might have you wanting to redecorate your home, or designing a vacation home for you and your family. Reclaimed wood comes in a range of shapes, sizes, and color tones. There is nothing that can compare to an authentic piece of reclaimed wood, it has a unique story to tell and a unique look all its own. You can choose to get your reclaimed wood from a place that sources and finishes the wood for you, or you can go about getting the reclaimed wood locally and finishing it yourself.

Regardless of the source of your reclaimed wood, there are a few tips when using this type of wood. If you use reclaimed barn wood, it may have been in the elements for 100 years or more. The reclaimed wood may be covered in dirt, dead bugs, amongst other things. Because of this, you will need to clean it. Start by using a stiff nylon bristle brush and give the wood a brisk rub down. This will help get rid of any loose dirt. Follow this up with a quick spray with an air hose to clean off the finer particles of dirt.

Next, you will need to inspect the reclaimed barn wood for any remaining metal. As part of a barn, the boards would have been nailed to the barn, and some of the nails may still be left behind. The same goes for pallet wood, you'll want to give each piece of wood a good visual inspection, and you’ll catch about 99 percent of it before it dulls your saw blade. Then check for bugs. Reclaimed wood isn't straight, or square. Reclaimed wood will most likely be warped, crooked and one end might be thicker than the other and that is part of the appeal.

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