Fabulous Cottage - For All Seasons In Lithuania

This farm stay vacation is an all-season small cottage plan located in Birzai, Panevezys County, Lithuania. The tiny house can accommodate up to 2 guests with 1 bedroom, 2 beds, and 1 bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire farm stay to yourself. In the homestead Vienkiemio oasis, the extraordinary tranquility of the village and the modern coziness combine. The one-room small cottage plan boasts a renewed, but authentic Fairy House with elements reminiscent of a modern loft making it perfectly balanced for a romantic getaway for two, but also accommodating up to 4 people. The tiny house is surrounded by endless fields and forests. In the yard, the tiny house is adorned with a squeaky stream and a Japanese cultural onur bath, and on the other hand, by a whole pond. This vacation rental is a solitary oasis for those looking for a connection with nature.

During your vacation stay you can go canoeing in the extreme and exotic Apascia, or on the calmer Nemunelis River. This is an authentic, real, rustic white steam and smoky sauna with stories and legends. There is also a volleyball court, table tennis, and a water bike ride in the pond. The small cottage plan is provided with all amenities to include a kitchen, dining room, toilet and shower, separate bedrooms, a terrace, and a barbecue.

The charming small cottage plan is beautifully finished inside and out. Outside the small cottage is finished in wood with a wooden shingle roof, and a large patio with a table and chairs, lounge chairs, and patio lights. Inside there is an open floor plan with a comfy bed, peaked roof for a spacious feel, a hammock chair, kitchen, and dining table with chairs. The charming small cottage plan has a rustic vibe that you will be sure to love and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. There is a wood stove for keeping things warm when the weather gets cooler, and an upstairs sleeping loft that is accessible by a ladder.

The Japanese bath or bathroom originated as a short, steep-sided wooden bathtub. These types of baths are found all over Japan in apartments, houses, and traditional Japanese inns but are now usually made out of stainless steel or plastic. A Japanese bath differs from a Western bathtub by being of a deeper construction, typically in the region of 25 inches. The sides of the Japanese bath are generally square rather than being sloped, and they typically have no overflow drainage. The traditional pot-shaped cast iron bath was heated by a wood-burning stove built-in below them. Furo specifically refers to the bath with water and is usually left filled with water overnight, and in some Japanese households, the water is reused or recycled for washing clothes the next day. As in the West, it was the custom for more than one member of the family to use the same bathwater and therefore, for the Japanese, they needed to be completely clean before entering the bath.

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