Extendable CampreVan is a Perfect Solution for the Family

If you love to camp with your family and friends the Extendable Campervan is a new VW DoubleBack camper van that was launched in Cardiff. The amazing new campervan is based on the VW T5 Transporter Long Wheelbase and is fitted with an extending pod that contains a double bed. This campervan has rear pod technology that about creates about 6.5 feet of additional usable space when on site. It can be slid back into the camper and returned to its normal length. The VW DoubleBack campervan is a spacious, comfortable campervan with all the practical advantages of a smaller vehicle and would be perfect for any camping you want to do.

It could be used for leisure or sports and is suitable for young families and couples, as long as they are only carrying two or three passengers in either the captain's chairs or bench seat. The camper van can sleep up to four people, but you can only drive with two to three people depending on the seating of the campervan model you have. Inside this amazing camper van is a two burner stove, sink and mini refrigerator, with a pop up area. This camper van self-levels once the additional space is extended with the touch of a button. It's fitted with an elevating roof that has a fold-out bed, and the extendable portion of the campervan is also a double bed. There is no washroom inside the camper van though so it would need to be parked somewhere where there is access to bathrooms. The DoubleBack camper van is priced at $80,000 which may seem steep, but it would be great for many years of use.

With the rise in popularity of tiny homes and living in smaller spaces, living in vans and trailers has also become quite popular. People will often live in a van outfitted to be more like a home with all of the comforts of a real home. The great thing is, this one already has everything intact for you. All you have to do is push the button and everything slides into place. So those who want to experience van life could live quite comfortably in one of these awesome DoubleBack vans. To use a bathroom getting a pass at a gym or a leisure centre is what people living in their vans or other mobile units usually do. This way they can access a bathroom during daytime hours. Otherwise, this campervan could just be used for recreational purposes like taking it on surfing trips, on road trips and hiking expeditions.

It seems as though you have to contact the company directly for any sales inquiries, but it may also be a while until they are available in North America. Either way, this is a very innovative and inspirational design and it's always nice to see new mobile living options like this come around. It's also awesome to see the classic VW campervan designs making a comeback since they are such a big part of vehicle history.

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