Evergreen is a Beautiful Log Home in Ohio, United States

The Evergreen is a beautiful vacation log home located in Laurelville, Ohio, United States. The newly built-in 2018 log home can accommodate up to 7 guests with 3 bedrooms, 3 beds, and 2 bathrooms. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire log cabin to yourself. The Evergreen is a beautiful log cabin that is professionally decorated with quality furnishings throughout. There are two baths, two living rooms, a beautiful kitchen, three satellite TV'S, a private six-person hot tub, and a covered porch to enjoy the outdoors. The cabin is situated in a pine forest close to a year-round stream and within a quick drive to several state parks. The cabin is located twelve miles from Old Mans Cave, with Conkle's Hollow, Rockhouse, and Cantwell Cliffs being the three closest to the log cabin.

The Evergreen is beautifully finished inside and out. The exterior has a covered porch with a hot tub and combines stone and wood for a gorgeous look and feel. Inside you'll find a stone fireplace, comfy leather couch, modern stainless steel kitchen appliances, and all the comforts of home for a relaxing vacation away. The Evergreen has large windows to let in the natural sunlight and surrounding views. The kitchen is great, with utensils, mixing bowls, plates, and anything else you need. The master bed is super comfortable with good sheets/comforter and a nice shower. The kids will love the bunk room.

You'll enjoy your stay in this log cabin its natural location. During your vacation stay because of its natural setting you'll be more likely to want to get out and be active, get some exercise and breathe in some fresh air. You might take the opportunity to ride your bike on a forest trail, go for a hike, go swimming, or boating. All that timber used in this log cabin is healthy to breathe in, making you feel better and refreshed. A vacation in a log cabin such as the Evergreen is a good opportunity to start creating treasured memories with your family and friends. There are plenty of log cabin rentals available across the country, in a variety of sizes and locations to suit your budget, lifestyle, and needs.

There is something special about staying in a log cabin. Wood, by any measure, is the most environmentally-friendly raw building material that you will find. For these reasons, an environmentally-conscious person should be favoring wood as a building material over other natural resources. With that said if you are choosing wood for you want to make sure that the wood you are getting comes from a sustainably managed forest. Trees are a building material that grows back after being harvested. No matter how much people reduce, reuse, and recycle, only wood is renewable. When it comes to building a wood cabin you want to find a well-managed forest landscape that captures solar energy, extracts carbon at no financial cost, and produces a wide range of goods and environmental services, including wood, water, and habitat.

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