Environmentally-sensitive and Affordable, the House Arc Can be a Great Home for People on a Budget

These cute eco houses offer a new model for small living amongst other great uses. These homes from Bellomo Architects are comprised of bent steel tubes mixed with wood to offer affordable compact living. The homes are also created to be environmentally friendly as well which is something people are always interested in finding when it comes to buildings. While these small eco houses can be used for tiny house living, they also make the perfect cabins or garden buildings for a number of uses. In a backyard, a small home like this could be used as a separate living space in addition to the main home. Or, as a guest room for visitors from out of town or an office or studio space for businesses or home gyms and art studios. The great thing is they are so flexible that they could be used for any of these purposes and then transformed a while later to accommodate another purpose. They call these prefab homes House Arc, which began as a prototype but is now being made. They can be ordered and shipped to any location so that the new owners can rebuild the product on their own property. The designs started out as inspiration from Bellomo Architects Bike Arc design for a bike parking system. They created the idea for the House Arc to suit those who need affordable housing solutions and also as an option for people to use as cabins and backyard cottages.

Inside, the home is naturally ventilated creating great airflow, it can come with solar panels, and it's designed with passive house design concepts for a very eco-friendly home. Plus the structure is easy to build once the package arrives on the property and it's also lightweight made of recycled metal. All it requires to be set in place are some concrete footings which let the air flow underneath the building for passive cooling. The units also come with large windows for natural light and heat and the trellis outside the home acts as a shield for the hot mid-day sun to keep the building cool in hot weather. The shape of the small home is designed to withstand high winds and intense weather making it a great home for anywhere in the world. The entire unit only weighs 3,000 pounds as well and is packed into smaller shipping boxes that measure 4 feet by 10 feet by 3 feet. The home ends up being around 150 square feet depending on the design chosen which is a great size for a guesthouse or a cabin at the lake. This design would also be good for disaster relief as well and could be shipped out to places within just a day or so and then the buildings could be built in just a matter of days as well.

From the outside, these homes look very modern and appealing with the mixture of steel and wood on the exterior of the building. The large sliding door offers excellent access into the home as well as acts as a nice opening to make the home feel more spacious inside. There's also another sliding door on the other side opening up the home even more than just having one door. Inside, the owners can place a sofa or bed, or maybe some office furniture depending on what they're using it for. Of course, there is not enough space for a bathroom so people staying in one of these homes would have to use a main home's bathroom or another bathroom. Would you enjoy camping out in one of these?

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