Enchanting Treehouse Sets The Perfect Scene For A Unique Celebration

The enchanting Treehouse sets the perfect scene for a unique celebration. It is probably the most recognizable aspect of The Lodge on Loch Goil is the famous Treehouse, a fairytale castle in the sky. This enchanting treehouse sets the perfect scene for a unique romantic wedding, a fantasy hideaway in natural surroundings. Love, romance, and luxury are only a few things that are offered, the Treehouse is the perfect setting for a magical celebration. The amazing 5-star venue on the shores of a sea loch in the Scottish Highlands offers everything you could have dreamed of and more. It is a licensed marriage venue, so you can celebrate your marriage in a truly memorable location. If you have a larger wedding party, you can still sign your marriage certificate in the Treehouse even if your wedding is elsewhere at The Lodge.

The Treehouse can accommodate 8 seated for dinner. Inside the Treehouse, there is a wood-burning stove, Wifi, sound system, dining table, and 8 chairs. When there is a wedding the furniture is removed and 24 people can stand. The Treehouse was designed for conferences, weddings, and private dining, rather than accommodation. The owner Iain Hopkins was looking for something different and unusual to attract fashion and advertising clients to use the venue as a location to shoot their brochures, magazines, and campaigns. The Scots Pine before the Treehouse was built, and before it was struck by lightning. Always on the lookout for something different and unique and this is where the idea of building a treehouse started. He found a tree on the grounds of The Lodge that was perfect to build a treehouse around. It was large Scots pine, and after several sketches done by Iain, he approached a treehouse designer to turn his dream into a reality.

Work started in August and after a few months, the treehouse was finished on the 1st November 2004. The very first thing that Iain did was to have dinner in the treehouse with his family. Word soon spread and within no time fashion and advertising clients were rushing to book The Lodge on Loch Goil to photograph the treehouse in their advertising campaigns, brochures, and magazines. From the very first days of the Treehouse being used as a location in 2004 until the present day, hundreds of famous photographers have photographed the Treehouse.

From having the Worlds top photographers and fashion models come to stay at The Lodge on Loch Goil and use the Treehouse the popularity spread. A new branch of the business was established and very quickly the treehouse at The Lodge became Scotland’s coolest and trendiest place to be married and even now couples from around the globe want to marry in the treehouse. Proposals have also become popular and throughout the year they have the old fashioned romantic booking an Indulgence Stay at The Lodge on Loch Goil, where the gentleman will go down on one knee and propose to the love of his life in the romantic surrounding of the treehouse followed by champagne and afternoon tea.

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