Eagles Nest Treehouse In Kentucky - Hike, Relax and Climb!

The Eagles Nest treehouse vacation rental is one of the best treehouse designs you will see. This is the ultimate treehouse located in Stanton, Kentucky, United States. During your vacation stay, you will have the entire treehouse to yourself. This treehouse is perfect for climbers, retreaters, couples, and families who are looking for a great affordable location inside the national forest. This treehouse vacation rental is located on private land in the Daniel Boone National Forest and just a 15-minute drive to Natural Bridge and popular eating. You can relax under the stars with plenty of outdoor deck space that overlooks the forest and a private fireplace with romantic lights. The treehouse is close to nearby trails and climbing within walking distance of your treehouse vacation that is sure to be a favorite for every outdoor enthusiast.

The treehouse is located close to soaring cliffs and majestic arches, with the Red River Gorge being an awe-inspiring place to visit. This rugged region has plenty of geological wonders that astounds visitors and is beloved by Kentuckians and known the world over to rock climbers, mostly because of its many overhanging cliffs. The treehouse vacation rental is located on private land, and one of the only vacation rentals in the Red River Gorge that is located conveniently inside the National Park just within walking distance to great hiking trails with easy road access to the other parts in the Red River Gorge. Just a 15-minute drive to the Natural Bridge and the famous Miguel's Pizza, which is a staple restaurant of the Red River Gorge.

Visit the sculptured rocks of Utah’s and Arizona’s national parks. This treehouse is two in one after you leave the main treehouse design you follow an elevated staircase that leads you to another smaller treehouse design called the nest. You can enjoy the national forest on your observation outdoor deck that overlooks the trailheads while hearing the stream of a nearby creek. The nest treehouse provides a queen-sized bed and plenty of outdoor deck space for gatherings all 16 feet off the ground. In addition to the elevated observation deck space, there is also more fun to be found on the ground.

During your treehouse stay you can relax at night while you listen to the owls and enjoy the stars above while you warm up near a home-made stone fireplace area with some bulb strung lights that circle the area. In the morning, you can walk to the national trailhead location while the sun breaks through the trees following your private path. The treehouse is a combination of outdoors and comfortable amenities that provide a truly unique, adventurous, and relaxing vacation getaway experience with your friends or and your loved ones. The Red River Gorge has soaring cliffs and majestic arches and is an awe-inspiring place to visit, it may be the South’s best-kept secret. This is a quiet private land resting area near a small creek which you can hear during your stay in the treehouse. The treehouse is located across the street from the Martins Fork Parking area.

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