Discover the Enchanting Time-Defying Cabin at 11,400 Feet

You'll be inspired by Thoreau's Cabin located in Lake City, Colorado. Time moves slower in this amazing cabin situated at an altitude of 11,400 feet along the Engineer Pass section of the Alpine loop, your cell phone won't ring, and your emails will have to wait until you've come down. The 102,000-acre Uncompahgre Wilderness is your backyard and Alpine Tundra is your sanctuary. Henson Creek flows below the 150-foot-long suspension bridge to your incredibly appointed log cabin. Solar panels, two 1000-gallon buried propane tanks, a deep well, and a wood stove provide off-grid amenities unrivaled at this altitude. Enjoy a hot shower, a cold drink, and a grilled feast after a full day of nature exploration.

The log cabin has been operated as a successful AirBnB and is a highly coveted elopement destination. The log cabin has incredible views from every window, along with log furniture, log railings, and log beams throughout. The view alone from Thoreau's Cabin is enough to see why log cabin living is so popular, the following are some of the other benefits you might enjoy from log cabin living. Surrounded by nature. Many people choose to purchase a log home that is close to nature. Imagine yourself waking up each morning to views of the mountains or lake, along with the sound of birds humming in the trees. Living surrounded by nature is a great way to disconnect from the stresses of busy everyday life, and to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

Living off the grid is easier than ever before. More often than not, log homes are located in rural areas, and while rural settings are beautiful, obtaining public utilities can be a challenge. The good news is that now there are more affordable alternative-power sources. Everything from solar roof panels that blend into your shingles to solar-powered water pumping systems is available for anyone who wants to be energy independent. Living off the grid in a log home has never looked so good with plenty of modern options for comfortable off-grid living.

Log house construction is better for the environment. Many log home builders use standing dead timbers (trees that were killed while standing, either by insects or by fire), which, when felled, improves the health of the forest and reduces wildfire threat. Companies that use trees often practice reforestation, and the milling process for log homes reduces log house construction waste and minimizes the carbon footprint in the process. Log cabin lifestyle. A log house construction allows you to spend time doing some of the things you love. Other types of homes just aren’t designed around your personal activities and leisure time the way a log home is, even if it’s your primary residence. With a log home, people often feel like they are on vacation. Maybe it’s the wood or all that fresh air. The possibilities of where you can live are endless. You can build a log house construction in the woods, in a secluded area, or in a different area of your choosing.

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