Check This Out Spacious Log Home With Car Port

You'll want to take a closer look at this log house design, a traditional architectural design that has been around for several hundred years in the colder regions of the world with plenty of forests and many of the log houses have lasted for centuries. There is a good reason that log houses are just as popular today as they were hundreds of years ago, and a testament to the quality these homes bring. Today more than ever log houses are combined with modern manufacturing techniques, making it so there are almost no limits to the wishes of customers in size, log house construction, and equipment. The log house construction costs consist of the following components to include the design and size of the cabin building, which means the size of the areas of the walls, ceilings, and roof as well as the room layout and desired equipment of the log house. Each window and door according to size and design is calculated individually.

For the production of round log houses, Perr uses exclusively domestic, winter-like, specially selected, and suitable fine-year-old spruce and fir trunks from Upper Bavarian and Swabian forestry companies with sustainable management. These strains are dried in the air for at least one and a half to three years and are dried again in the drying chamber at low temperatures as required. As a result, the individual logs have almost the same wood moisture and there are fewer settlements than usual in log construction.

The type of assembly is another factor of the price you will pay for your log house construction. A log house kit or body with a lot of its power is cheaper than pre-assembly. However, a residential building can rarely be built completely alone by the client, usually, the local carpentry is commissioned to set up the home. Transporting costs of the log house will depend on the distance between the log house company headquarters and the building site. For this reason, if you are building a log house in a remote area, it is recommended a kit for remote building sites, be built by a local carpentry company. Planning services, for each residential building, an input plan including building application, statics, and heat protection certificate is required. On customer request, these services are created by the log house construction company or an architect commissioned by the company, but often the client also organizes them himself.

Log house construction site equipment. For example, crane, scaffolding, and construction site WC are required on the construction site. Trades of other companies such as floor slabs, earthworks, or cellars, floor superstructures with floors, heating and plumbing, electrical installation as well as the interior doors, plumbing work, and outdoor facilities are further cost items and should be taken into account. These are just some of the factors that need to be taken into account when considering a log house build. Perr would be happy to make a concrete offer with an exact cost indication, the best way to do this is to send them a draft or input plan (if already available) and make an appointment with the log house builders.

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