Check Out This Rustic Log Cottage In Beautiful Location

The Haukiranta is a log cabin vacation home located in Finland just 100 kilometers north of Joensuu. Lake Pielinen is a walk away from the cabin with reasonably shallow water, a sandy bottom, a boat, and a pier. The log cabin was built in 1983 and has a kitchen, alcove with 2 beds, sleeping loft with 3 mattresses, sauna, dressing room, and open veranda. The cabin has running cold water from a spring into a sauna. You have to use the ferry (Hirvisalmi lossi) to get to the cottage.

features of the Cabin include electric lighting with solar panel, heating with a wood-heated stove, no fireplace, no waterpipe (water must be carried from the lake or well), drinking water from a water spring, no shower, wood-heated sauna, outhouse, liquid gas hob (no oven), campfire, not electrified cottage, single cottage, rowboat, wilderness cottage, with the beach.

Joensuu is a vivid and tranquil capital of North Karelia with around a third of the student population. It is one of the most happening towns in Finland. Depending on when you visit you might attend the annual Ilosaarirock Festival which is the most significant event and attracts a large number of national and international performers from the pop and rock world. Also known as the Mouth of the River, the town of Joensuu was founded in 1848 by Czar Nikolai I of Russia. Since then, it has grown as the regional capital in North Karelia and the second-largest city. Improvements in water traffic are one of the main reasons for its growth when the Saimaa Canal was built in 1870. The town has grown lively regional trade and linked it to St. Petersburg, Russia, via the Volga to both Caspian and Black Seas. The city attracts flocks of young Finns who go there to join the Ilosaarirock Festival in July, which is an open event. Folk lovers should also enjoy another music festival like Kilhaus organized only 30 km away. The following are just a couple of things to do in Joensuu.

Botania. It is a tropical butterfly park and botanical garden which offers different activities in the lap of nature. When you visit you'll get the feeling of being in tropical countries without actually flying to them, thanks to the tropical temperatures and plants in Botania. You will find the residents of the tropics in the tropical section, such as the Amazon parrots Iimari and Lasse and the sulfur-crested cockatoo Juuso. Botania is one of the best things to see and do during your visit to Joensuu.

Utra Beach. Take a tour and relax at Utra beach, one of the best things to see and do in Joensuu. Utra Beach is located around 6 kilometers away from the city, Utra Beach is a small sand strip that is covered by grass. The beach has the markings for a swimming area, which is suitable for children. It also has a facility for changing clothes and toilets. It is quite accessible from the city center.

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