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There is so much to love about this weekend house and holiday log home construction. When you arrive you open the door and recharge your batteries in the beautifully designed cabin. Wood always creates a unique living climate. That's why log cabin buildings enjoy great popularity worldwide. Families with children in particular often want to turn their backs on the noisy and exhausting city life to enjoy quality family time at a log cabin retreat. A holiday log home offers a unique living comfort and a pleasant living climate. The light and pleasant wood scent inside the house contributes significantly to this.

In summer, the weekend or holiday log cabin remains pleasantly cool in a natural way, while there is no heat lost in the cold winter months. This is ensured in particular by the natural insulation properties of the wood. You can relax in the cozy atmosphere in your weekend house and a holiday log house construction. In a holiday log home made of natural wood, the most ecological building material, every day off becomes an experience. With a log cabin from Perr, your dream comes true. With its open stems, Perr offers plenty of space for leisure and weekend houses in log house construction. They can be easily expanded if necessary and can easily be used as an office building or clubhouse. Together with you, we plan and design your dream house exactly according to your ideas. Prices vary depending on the size of the log house.

Solid wood construction, also called traditional log house construction or single-shell log construction, is one of the oldest known construction techniques. Hundreds of years ago, people in Europe, America, and Asia built log cabins and regularly improved this construction method. Log houses are still built today with and without additional insulation. In the single-shell construction of log houses without additional insulation of the external walls, the external walls must have a certain strength by the Building Energy Act GEG, formerly Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), to ensure proper thermal protection. There are several construction options for the production and construction of the exterior walls of single-shell solid wood log houses. Thus, the log walls can be made of glued or unglued solid wood.

In single-shell, non-glued solid wood log houses without additional insulation, there are two possibilities for the walls. One is that the beams of the outer walls can be created from core-separated or wood with the core. The beams with core are suitable for log houses with a more solid look. Every beam in which the core is not cut out of the log gets cracks when it is drying. Due to the large tensions that arise during the drying phase, the crack goes from the outside of the log to the core. The log does not stop tearing until the tensions are released by the crack. In Perr log houses, the wood is rotated as much as possible so that the main crack in the log disappears in the groove and spring connection. Nevertheless, the natural-looking cracks will also be visible on the side of the wall.

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