Check Out This Authentic and Quality Log Cabin

You'll want to take a closer look at this beautifully crafted mini bathhouse log cabin built from cedar logs. Right away you notice that the logs are hand-cut and handcrafted with large diameter logs with the root part of the trunk also known as the flare butt or skirt, chopped into a Canadian cup. These log home builders are one of the world's recognized leaders in the manufacturing of exclusive wooden houses of hand-cutting from Canadian cedar. This is confirmed by the popularity of the log cabin buildings not only in North America but also in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Argentina, Slovenia, and other countries. Now, these unique manual felling log houses are also available in Russia.

The uniqueness of these log houses lies not only in the high quality of workmanship but also in the building material from which these houses are made, in the Canadian Red Cedar. These trees grow only on the northwest coast of North America and have the following combination of properties to include minimal damage from insects and bark beetles. Canadian cedar logs are also very resistant to environmental influences such as rotting, doesn't darken or blue (unlike Russian softwoods), contains a minimum of moisture, which means minimal shrinkage of the house and no cracks in the logs. Other benefits of Canadian Red Cedar include the thermal conductivity indicators compare favorably with the thermal conductivity of pine and spruce, the softness of the material allows you to wrinkle the edges of wood and crush all the cracks under the weight of the logs, stability of the barrel geometry, and its unique natural shape, and the noble color of cognac shades.

The log house builders' main piece of advice when choosing a log house is to take a closer look at handmade (non-machine) log houses that are made of carriage or larger-sized logs of Canadian felling. After all, manual tree felling has significant advantages over rounded or glued structures. Some of the benefits of the manual felling of logs include prestigious quality, with the manual method of logging production allowing you to achieve high-quality felling, which cannot be achieved in the machine production of wooden houses. High-quality manual adjustment of logs to each other in the log house allows you to keep warm in any frost.

External artificiality and uniqueness is another benefit of manual felling. Of course, the appearance of the log house depends on many factors such as design, quality of wood and work, exterior decoration, but the chopped log house looks natural, it has natural beauty. There is no comparison aesthetically to that of hand-built log houses from mass products. The handcrafted log house is as diverse as the people who own them. Hand-cut log houses often stand out from the general range of wood cabins due to their uniqueness, sculptural shapes, functionality, and high quality of work. It is easy to see the love and attention with which each log is processed. The chopped log house emits energy caused by the touch of many hands that built it.

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