Chariot Eagle Is One Of The Top Park Model Home In USA

Park model homes are a great choice when it comes to buying a home. Park models like this one from Chariot Eagle have been around as early as the 1920s. At first, the houses were just trailer coaches for people who wanted a place to sleep at a campsite. Also, they were made to house the factory workers during World War 2 and once the soldiers returned home to America, they would buy these prefab homes for their families. Since they didn't have a ton of money to buy a home, this was an affordable way to provide themselves and their family with some housing until they got back on their feet again. As time went on, the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the US changed the classification of the units that were once known as trailers, like houses. The park model designs became more stylish and well made, with more accommodations and normal household items, and they were made larger too.

The styles for park model homes have changed a lot over the years. These days, you aren't just seeing them in mobile home parks, or trailer parks. Park model homes are starting to be built within neighborhoods with other conventional homes in some cases too. The park model designs have come a long way, and they look stylish and modern, like this lovely park model mobile home. It looks just like a regular house with a contemporary design. It includes lots of windows throughout the home which are especially important to add to a smaller home, as they create the illusion of more space, so you don't feel too closed in. The park models are also quite a bit bigger than tiny houses on wheels which usually have to be only 8.5 feet wide, up to 30 feet long, and 13.5 feet tall. The park models don't have to follow these rules because they will be delivered by a company that will obtain permits to take them on the road. The tiny houses on wheels are highway legal as long as their measurements fit within the highway guidelines.

Chariot Eagle RV Park Models of Ocala is one of the top producers of holiday park homes in the USA and North America. Chariot Eagle is dedicated to innovation, high-quality standards, service, and deep commitment to its growing number of loyal customers, now numbering approximately 20,000. They have also successfully shipped models to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands as well as Germany, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, Italy, and Japan.

The company's success comes primarily from its ability to adjust to different demands, such as multi-code differences among the various states and countries and design adaptations to not only the holiday park homes but to such other products as manufactured homes, cedar log cabins, modular homes, disaster units, and export housing. The Chariot Eagle plant is located in Florida which enables them to build its products in one of the lowest cost regions in the USA. These savings allow shipment of park model homes throughout North America as well as worldwide.

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