Castel Valer Is a Unique Historic Landmark Castle For Sale In Trentino, Italy

It doesn't get better than the Castel Valer near Verona in northern Italy. This unique historic landmark castle for sale was built from 1200 to 1700. The Castel Valer is unique, has an up-to-date technical standard, is embedded by the Italian Dolomites, and is available for sale. You'll find breathtaking views in all directions, with 13 acres of forest and nine acres of apple orchards, all set against the background of the magnificent Dolomites. The castle property is perfectly equipped to host small conferences. Price is available upon request.

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The castle is set in breathtaking scenery overlooking the Dolomite foothills. The interior furnishings and art are included with a few exceptions. The property is helicopter accessible and has central heating. The views are breathtaking in all directions. The castle is exceptionally renovated for modern living. The castle has 80 rooms that are beautifully appointed to serve as a family compound, a luxury boutique hotel, or a corporate retreat. The castle has 80 rooms of which 15 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms. It is perfectly equipped to host small conferences.

Nestled on a U bend on the Adige River, Verona is one of the most important cities in the Veneto region of Italy and is famed for its historical center and myriad of stunning buildings and architectural design. Verona is the second-largest city in the region behind Venice and has a population of 269,000. In 89 BC, Verona became a Roman settlement and held an important position in Northern Italy as it was located at the intersection of two important roads. As time progressed and the Roman Empire collapsed, other factions and ruling parties exercised control over Verona including Alboin of the Lombards, Mastino II, and Maximilian I. Today, Verona attracts a huge number of tourists due to its rich history and significance, and its myriad of ancient buildings such as the Arena and the Ponte Scaligero.

Verona has its version of the Colosseum in Rome and is just as spectacular and possibly better preserved. This national landmark is unknown to many, but it stands as a triumph of Roman engineering and is a true wonder. The Arena is an immense Colosseum in the middle of the historic town center that contains its original seating and exterior arches. Constructed in 30 AD, it is remarkable that this structure has stood in such a fine condition for thousands of years. Various shows and games would have been held here such as the Roman Ludi and at its peak, the amphitheater would have held 30,000 spectators. Today you can walk inside the Arena and admire its architectural design, furthermore, concerts and musical shows are still held here which is a true spectacle.

Verona also has several charming squares and the Piazza Delle Erbe is just one example. This diamond-shaped piazza lies in the heart of the historic center of the city and serves as one of the main points of activity. During the Roman Empire, this piazza would have served as the main forum for the settlement. Various important buildings line the square including the Torre Lamberti, the Palazzo Maffeia and the Casa dei Giudici.

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