Breathtaking View - the Den of the Treehouse in New South Wales, Australia

The views from this treehouse in Australia are stunning. Located in The Pocket, New South Wales, Australia, the wonder and beauty of nature in this area is abundant, with the best views of the ocean and Byron Shire, the Pacific Ocean, and more. The treehouse can accommodate up to 3 guests, with one bedroom, one bed, and one bathroom. The treehouse is in the Byron Bay Hinterland, about 20 minutes from the beach and Byron. WATCH HOME & LIFESTYLES STREAMING TV You can wake up in the treehouse and enjoy the sunrise and views over the valley and the Pacific Ocean in the comfort of the Bay Room in the den. The treehouse is a very unique vacation rental and the ultimate mountain top jungle fantasy.

To get to the treehouse you'll be picked up in the owner's all-terrain vehicle from the pickup point and car park nearby at the bottom of the mountain and get taken on a fun jungle safari through the forests to the top of the mountain about half an hour from Byron Bay. 4WD access is the mode of transportation required as the road to the treehouse is very rough in sections especially at the beginning of the route. There are no extra costs for the vacation rental for this service. The treehouse vacation rental is surrounded by a Rainforest Sanctuary and Nature Reserve, during your stay, you will have absolute privacy and one of the most extraordinary locations in this area of Australia. This is nature lover retreat with pristine walks into the old-growth forest or swimming into the sparkling secluded waterfalls.

During your stay you will access to the den, a small cozy self-contained room, with a kitchenette, and toilet facilities with a breathtaking view. There is the wireless broadband Internet that is provided and a 5 channel sound system. GET MORE HOME & LIFESTYLES INSPIRATION A much-loved feature of the den is the outdoor shower where you can take in the breathtaking surrounds while you are pampered by fresh, heated rainwater. There is a second bed that is provided in the form of cushions that are arranged as a mattress together with a doona and pillows. An appropriate 4 wheel drive is necessary to reach the treehouse so all transport to and from the treehouse is provided from the pickup and the point and car park if needed. This service is by arrangement, and is included when you pay so there are no additional costs to you.

Food is provided with a hearty breakfast that includes muesli cereal, the owner's eggs, bacon, and a selection of fruits. There is an assortment of condiments that are also provided. If you wish to be served lunch and dinner which is sometimes available by arrangement. Surrounded by the Nature Reserve you will have access to walks in an old-growth forest, walks to the waterfall and depending on your fitness level a cornucopia of nature gifts. You will also have exclusive use of the den, however, you will generally have the run of the garden and the household.

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