Bliss is a Cozy, Sustainably Built Mountaintop Cabin!

You'll be sure to love the Bliss tiny cabin located in Blue Ridge, Georgia, United States. Bliss is a cozy, sustainably built mountaintop cabin building. Curated with local, repurposed building materials, the cabin has a beautiful rustic, yet modern feel. The wood cabin is 0 minutes from Downtown Blue Ridge where you'll find lovely wineries, shops, restaurants, breweries, hiking, fishing, and a lake. It's the perfect vacation getaway with shared access to an outdoor barrel sauna in nature, a full-sized kitchen, fast WIFI, Chromecast TV, a firepit, an electric fireplace, and a porch with mountain views. Enjoy a couple's retreat nestled in nature. 4WD is recommended. This eco-friendly tiny house is custom built with recycled wood and other repurposed building materials it is a great place for the adventurous traveler who loves unique listings. The tiny cabin building sits next to another small, even tinier cabin called Restore.

Each wood cabin has its own private indoor and outdoor spaces and each has its own parking space located in front of each cabin building. The parking for Cabin Bliss is located right in front of the cabin building to the side of the road. During your vacation stay you'll have complimentary use of the outdoor, Barrel 4-person steam sauna with the booking of an appointment due to the sauna being shared by both tiny cabins. The sauna reaches 185 degrees F, so you can enjoy this traditional cedar wood sauna with steam or dry. Sweat with a beautiful view of nature and the surrounding woods, both sides of the sauna and deck are covered to provide privacy to guests using it.

In the landscape of Finnish life, the sauna stands as an emblem of national identity, etched deeply into the rhythm of daily routines and social customs. The significance of the sauna is reflected in the staggering numbers that underscore its prevalence and popularity. Finland is home to over two million saunas. In Finland, you'll find saunas in most homes and cabins with Finland being home to over two million saunas. Saunas are a part of Finnish culture, with the roots of the Finnish sauna going deep into the past, reaching back as far as the Bronze Age. The following are just a couple of benefits you may experience from taking a sauna during your tiny cabin vacation stay.

Relaxation. Saunas have traditionally been used to produce a feeling of relaxation. The heat relaxes your muscles, including those in your face and neck. Relaxation is one of the biggest benefits of using a sauna. To add to the relaxation, you can practice meditation while in the room. When you soothe your body physically, often the mind and the emotions follow suit. The effect is long-lasting and may even help you get a better night’s sleep. Pain relief. Using a dry sauna can leave people feeling energized. Since the blood vessels relax and dilate in a sauna, blood flow increases, and the experience can help reduce tension in the joints and relieve sore muscles.

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