Beautiful Timber Bathroom Basins Are the New Trend and We LOVE It!

Does your outdated bathroom need an update? If your house would suit it, beautiful timber bathroom basins are exactly what could turn your old bathroom into one that will satisfy you and impress your guests. It's time to get out with the old and in with the new. Say goodbye to white sinks and tile floors, and begin working on your beautiful timber bathroom. These sinks are a great alternative to porcelain or ceramic sinks that we usually see in bathrooms. They offer a more natural, down to earth look that would be perfect for anyone who loves the great outdoors. It would also go really well with modern design too and could look great with marble countertops and flooring.

You can choose from a variety of timber colours, such as a very light ash or a vibrant red. There are many colours in between. If you are not sure on a colour, ask around and see what others recommend. Getting a second opinion is never a bad idea. Once you have chosen a colour, you can pick a design. There are many examples to look at like the ones you see here. There is a very natural one that just looks like petrified wood with a basin carved into it. There is also a linear design which looks very sleek and minimal with clean lines. The sink blends into the countertop and there is even a space in the counter where a bar is placed and a towel can be hung for drying hands.

One of the sink examples is a lovely wood live edge slab of wood with the bark and details right on it. This looks really natural and adds so much character and charm to the bathroom. Some of the wood sink basins are bowls that have been carved out of wood to be made into freestanding sink basins that sit right on the countertop. So as you can see, there are some different options to choose from. These basin timber bathroom sinks are made to last too. While ceramic and porcelain often have visible chips from wear and tear, these basin timber bathrooms do not chip. You can be certain that your investment is a good decision.

Timber in bathrooms is a new fad that is spreading quickly. Their natural look is catching the attention of many. Walking into a bathroom that isn’t made of ceramic or porcelain is refreshing. You may think that using wood in a bathroom is not a good idea, but actually, it is. If it ever starts to look worn, after sanding it and finishing it, it will be good as new. Rather than spending too much money hiring someone to build your dream bathroom, why not learn how to do it yourself? Once you master this skill, you can teach others. You will take pride in your own work and will enjoy each day brushing your teeth in a sink that you designed. Which style of timber sink do you prefer? which one would look good in your bathroom?

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