Beautiful Log House For Sale Just Outside Yellowstone National Park

Imagine spending quality time with family and friends in this rustic log cabin building just outside Yellowstone National Park. This amazing family log cabin can be your forever retreat, it is accessible year-round (weather permitting and is located close to skiing, zip line, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, restaurants, and lodges. The cabin building has an annual lease payment to the forest service and has been updated and is ready for use. The log cabin building has one bedroom and one bath, with 625 square feet of space. The rustic log cabin building is priced at $290,000 and is located in Cody, Wyoming. The one story log cabin was built in 1925. The rustic log cabin is just how you'd imagine log cabin living to be, with an open floor plan with wood stove, high ceilings, a master bedroom with log furniture, rustic details in the perfect location.

There are plenty of reasons why log cabins are so popular, with one of those reasons being sustainability. Every cabin building material used begins with the extraction of natural resources and ends with their disposal. The only truly renewable and sustainable raw building material is wood, which begins with logging. The extraction, processing, log manufacturing, and the eventual disposal of raw building materials is a complex activity and energy consumption. The full life cycle of a building material describes the impacts that the building material has from its start to finish. The impacts of building materials can have several measures, to include energy consumption, its carbon balance, and water use.

Logs are one of the most environmentally-friendly raw building material that humans have at their disposal. For these reasons, an environmentally-conscious person should favor wood as the building material of choice over other natural resources. With that said if you are choosing wood and logs, you also want to be sure that the wood you are getting comes from a forest that is sustainably managed. Tree harvesting is where the building material extraction process begins that later gives you log homes, furniture and paper products. However, there are also chemicals, pharmaceuticals, clothing fiber, carbon fiber, energy products, foods, and many other things that also start with wood products. Rayon fabric is a product that is made largely from wood pulp. Even tall building designs are increasingly being constructed of wooden building materials.

Forests are a building material that grows back after they are harvested. Other natural resources to include metal ores, coal, petroleum, and natural gas do not grow back after they are extracted. No matter how much people reduce, reuse, and recycle, only wood building materials are renewable. The extraction and the processing of wooden building products take a lot less energy, carbon, and water than any other of the other raw materials. When it comes to building a cabin building you want to find a managed forest landscape that captures solar energy, extracts carbon at no financial cost, and produces a wide range of goods and environmental services, to include wood, water, and habitat.

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