Beautiful 885k Euro Tuscan Style Chateau For Sale Toulouse, France

There is so much to love about this beautiful Tuscan style 17th century restored Chateau for sale, located just 40 minutes from Toulouse and the international airport, on the borders of the Haute Garonne and Gers. The chateau is set in a calm environment with a superb view of the surrounding gently rolling countryside. There is a long driveway that leads to the chateau, with shared access only for one neighbor. The Chateau offers 600 square meters of habitable space including beautiful architectural design elements and a new roof. The chateau is composed of 16 rooms including 4 living rooms, 7 bedrooms, and 5 bathrooms. There are high beamed ceilings with very decorative features to include wood paneling, original fireplaces, plaster molding. The decoration has a somewhat Italianate aura.

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The chateau has a new roof, new wooden windows which are double glazed, and oil-fired central heating. The rooms are of beautiful dimensions. The chateau has some refurbishment and modernization which can be envisaged for the interior. The exterior has woad-colored shutters, a color that with a long history in the area. There is a covered terrace and a swimming pool. The property is approximately 2.25 hectares of park. There is a garage of 70 square meters. The nearest shops are a few kilometers away. This is a beautiful property in a very peaceful location with lovely views yet with easy access to Toulouse and the airport. The chateau is priced at 885 000 €.

Toulouse, situated on the banks of the Garonne river, has the nickname, la Ville Rose. This is because so many of the city’s great buildings are made with pinkish brick, which gives the cityscape a look that doesn't compare with any other city. Much of the architectural design was funded by trading the city’s greatest commodity, woad, which was a blue dye used in medieval and renaissance textiles and is still popular today. Toulouse is now Europe’s aeronautical capital, with the largest space center in Europe, and where Airbus has its headquarters. Toulouse has riveting museums where you can explore the cosmos, prehistory, ancient art, the natural world, as well as art from the gothic period up to the impressionists.

Basilique Saint-Sernin is another popular attraction, completed in the 1100s, the UNESCO-listed Saint-Sernin Basilica may be the largest romanesque church in Europe. There’s also a large number of relics in the crypt, more than in any other church in France, and many were donated by Charlemagne to the abbey which stood on this site in the 800s. Outside, the five-story brick tower is unmistakable, and as you look up you can see where the construction was stopped in the 1100s and restarted in the 1300s from the shape of the arches. You can also marvel at the Porte des Miegeville, with a treasured romanesque sculpture portraying Lazarus and Dives above the door.

Place du Capitole is a square in front of the city hall in Toulouse. The city seems to gravitate towards this place, and the majestic pink-tinted palace in front of you is older than it looks.

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