Beautiful 320 Sq Ft Dual Loft Tiny House on Wheels and Is Turn-key, Ready for Use

This 320 square foot tiny house on wheels is available for sale in North Tustin, California. The beautifully crafted tiny house on wheels is 30 feet long 8 feet wide and priced at $74,000. The tiny house has 320 square feet of space with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and two lofts. This tiny house on wheels was built in 2016 and is turn-key, and ready for use. At 8.5 feet wide by 30 feet long and 13.5 feet tall this tiny house on wheels is street legal. The tiny house design sits on a 30-foot commercial trailer with three by 6,000-pound axels and can be towed from the property to your property with a heavy-duty truck, no special permit not required. The tiny house on wheels has full utility hook-ups with electric/ water/sewer conveniently located in the rear, just like an RV. The tiny house on wheels has an exterior storage compartment in the front to use for tools, a large propane tank and a water heater. The tiny house on wheels has a metal roof and vinyl siding that contribute to the low-maintenance exterior. Insulation for the tiny house is closed cell with an R21 rating.

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The options included in this tiny house on wheels include premium interior shiplap cedar paneling and exposed cedar beams, a triple axel trailer, 18,000 pounds rated with electric brakes, lights and 4 x 5,000-pound stabilizers, fully insulated floor, walls and ceiling and French doors with a dead bolt lock. Other features included in the tiny house design are French doors with dead bolt lock, 10 White Vinyl Dual Pane Windows low E, two electric floor heaters with thermostat and a washer and dryer combo. In the kitchen, there is a dual-basin farmhouse sink, plenty of storage underneath the counter, open shelving, built-in microwave, an induction cooker, pantry and enough space for a full-size refrigerator. There is a full bathroom with a 36 inch by 36-inch shower with glass door, a vanity sink, exhaust fan and standard flush toilet.

This tiny house on wheels has two lofts with a master bedroom that is 12 feet long and fits up to a king size mattress and a secondary loft that is eight feet long and fits up to a full-size mattress. Both of the lofts has a custom wood railing. There is flush ceiling LED lights and separate hanging lights with dimmer. There are ten plus electrical outlets, a large in-wall air conditioning unit with remote, storage staircase beneath both of the lofts, propane on-demand tankless water heater, registered with current California license plate and pink slip in hand.

This tiny house on wheels is beautifully finished. The tiny house design has a white exterior with the door having dark wood trim, and the interior has white walls, ceiling and kitchen cabinets that make the space feel much larger than it is. The interior has wooden trim that is the perfect accompaniment to all that white. The master loft is accessed by stairs, so you don't have to deal with ladders during the night. The stairs have storage underneath.

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