Artist Uses a Chainsaw to Carve a Fantastical Dragon Bench

This fantastical dragon bench is just one of the pieces of chainsaw art that comes from Igor Loskutov of Konigsbergerstr, Germany. The incredible artist uses a chainsaw to carve out the pieces of wood into detailed designs to include pieces of furniture, animal sculptures, religious sculptures, fantastical sculptures, and more.

Chainsaw carving is a new kind of art. Unlike the traditional woodcarvers of the past, chainsaw carves use large, heavy, and coarse chainsaws to make small to monumental sculptures. You might find a chainsaw carver at a special event where they can showcase their unique skills in front of an audience. A wooden chainsaw-carved sculpture is a perfect gift. You get everything you ever imagine carved. A good chainsaw can do anything. All of the sculptures are rich in detail. They are thoroughly glazed or oiled after carving. This makes them weatherproof and, if treated appropriately, they will be safe for decades.

Throughout human history, sculptures have been created using a variety of mediums. Due to the abundance of wood and its desirable qualities of both hardness and durability, it has continued to be used in sculptures around the world. Over the centuries, wood carving has undergone many changes but has never died. A range of techniques and various types of carving tools are now available and are being implemented. When wooden sculptures are properly taken care of they can last literally forever. Several examples of ancient wooden sculptures still exist. However, wood that isn’t cared for properly is susceptible to rot and decay. These days there are more ways, both natural and synthetic, to care for and protect wooden sculptures. The following are some of the things you will need for chainsaw carving.

Chainsaw Woodcarving Tools and Materials. The most popular wood carving tools include a chainsaw, carving knife, gouge, and chisel. However, there are several more involved in the woodworking process. The chainsaw is undoubtedly one of the most efficient cutting tools. A sharp-cutting chainsaw allows you to cut away at large portions of wood with ease. They come in a range of sizes and models however their application is based on user preference. For instance, most of the base work is usually done with the chainsaw. Whereas fine details are done with a grinder and Dremel.

Personal Protective Gear. It’s important to always wear the right safety gear when operating a chainsaw. You should always use personal protective equipment like chainsaw chaps to protect your legs. It is also important to consider other safety equipment, such as protective goggles, steel toe boots, ear protection, woodworking gloves, and even a helmet.

Timber/Wood. You can’t carve wood without timber. There are two main types of wood to include softwood and hardwood. Both types of wood have distinct features that make them both good and bad for wood carving. You'll want to make sure you have the proper type based on the design you’re after.

Wood Coating. Wood can last a lifetime, but this is largely in part because of the finishing material that can be applied to your wooden sculpture. After detailing you should apply coating, treatment, sealant, linseed, stain, or another type of oil to the carving. Applying treatment and other finishing materials to the final product depends on its final location as well as personal preference.

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