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Barn homes are beginning to be a big trend in home design, and more people are choosing to create homes from old barns, or build homes that look like barns. The owners of this barn home got Carney Logan Burke Architects to build their main home over 23 years ago. They wanted to create a guesthouse where they could accommodate guests, as well as act as their fitness room and a workshop where the husband could restore classic cars, motorbikes and bicycles. They wanted it to be large enough to accommodate these three uses, so they designed it to be a 2,400 square foot building which had a classic gambrel-roof just like a barn. This served as the starting point for the design, and then everything just followed from there. The architects designed the perfect barn home on the 15-acre piece of land to go with the beautiful log home that serves as the main home. The buildings are set on a piece of property with beautiful views of the Teton Range in the north and west. So they situated the barn home on the northeast corner in order to capture views without getting in the way of the views seen from the main house. The end result is beautiful and looks like it's been there for years. They were able to use reclaimed barn wood for a lot of the project but also implemented some great windows on the front face of the barn home, which looks incredible.

This wall of windows is part of the fitness area, which would make for a very inspiring place to workout. The views are out of this world and look beautiful no matter what the weather may be. Also on the upper level is the living space where guests can relax and have a little home away from home. It's always nice to have the ability to have a guest home so that everyone has their privacy while visiting. We're all so used to having our own space that when guests come to stay, it's nice to keep it that way if possible. The colors of the old barn wood range from gray to brown with signs of ageing that give it a very strong character. The structure is made out of timber and steel trusses which run the entire length of the building. Then, there is also the workshop garage and entry where the husband is able to work on his vehicles in a nice open space. They went with checkerboard flooring which adds a nice touch of classic garage style vibes, and he also has ample storage on the walls for hanging his bikes up. He also has great parking space for the cars he's working on and currently in there is a nice old pickup truck that he's completely restored as well as a refinished VW camper van that looks stunning.

The guest space also includes a little kitchen area with an induction stove top for making tea and coffee. There's also a sink and lots of storage for dishes and cutlery. The bed and the lounge seating is also on the upper floor just on the other side of the barn across from the workout area. They placed more windows adjacent to the bed for beautiful views of the land right from the bed. Plus there are thick curtains for privacy and to block the light from entering into the home. On the exterior, there are also large sliding barn door shutters over the large bedroom windows as well. They also added little pockets of light with smaller windows on the sides of the barn and a little skylight in the centre. What a beautiful barn home that offers so much inspiration for those who want something similar. The project was headed by John Carney, Matt Bowers and the interior design was done by WRJ Design Associates.

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