Amazing Tiny House Minimal Wooden Style

You'll love the lovely use of wood in the design of this small house in Australia. The designer of this small house in Melbourne showed how beautiful it is to work with wood. The site and the building itself occupy a small area, but here it was possible to place everything important for the owners to include a well-thought-out area with a kitchen and a living room, a large bathroom, and a compact back patio.

Wood was integrated into the decoration of the tiny house facade, walls, and ceilings, as well as custom-made furniture. At the same time, wooden elements are perfectly combined here with metal and marble. Plants set a special tone for the interiors, it was important for the owners to preserve the trees and shrubs around the house as much as possible, as well as pick up new decorative and street plants for them. Thanks to the high windows, it seems that the house is lost somewhere in the jungle, and not in the city space, an impressive project.

Along with the wood, one of the key features of this tiny house design is how it opens up to the backyard and extends the tiny house space outdoors for a larger look and fee. The patio and landscaping help to extend the tiny house seamlessly to the backyard, perfect to even include a tree for shade. The minimal wooden style of this tiny house design has a modern edge that doesn't feel tiny at all. This tiny house is an excellent example of how the use of materials, design, style and innovative storage can elevate your tiny home to new levels.

When it comes to tiny houses you'll want to be creative about storage. Small house living is a great way to declutter and keep just the things you need and love. The following are just some of the creative storage ideas you might consider in your tiny house.

Go Vertical. Vertical space often goes to waste in many homes. But that doesn't have to be the case. You might consider building shelves up to the ceiling to help create room to stow seasonal items and household supplies. You can make use of vertical storage as a way to showcase the items you love. You can use Slatwall panels to help create super flexible storage space. These shelves are so versatile as they use slats, not bolts, to secure the shelves to the wall, which makes them a snap to add, rearrange or remove the shelving whenever the mood strikes or needed.

Underfloor Storage. Underfloor storage may be an invaluable storage trick. You might build up a space such as a sitting area, to accommodate underfloor storage for a variety of things.

Furniture. You might have a coffee table or couch with storage underneath. An idea that is especially popular in tiny houses is under stair storage. Other storage tricks might include a front door that doubles as shoe storage or a place to stow away garden tools and supplies.

Clever Built-ins. Practical built-ins can make a tiny house feel cozy while still providing storage to hide everything away. If you can't build additional storage into your tiny house walls, then you should consider room dividers.

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